What is a high value man?

When we hear a high value man, we think money but in reality it truly means your inside, in our society we get confused with the amount of money we make and automatically think we are high value men

We have to understand that what we are inside make us valuable, the world is very caught into being with men who are well established and full of money and that’s fine but you must understand that there can be repercussions that can happen in every situation, if you truly wanna be a high value man, work on yourself & grow to your best ability get established of course but also work on your personality because it will open up your heart and help you become a good candidate when you want to have a good woman in your corner. I’m only 25 and not quite old enough to talk about this subject but from some things I’ve learned you don’t become a high value man until you’ve reached 30+.

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