Meet Rhea Rifa. Meeting new people is one of my favorite thing in this world. And I think diversity is a true beauty of the world.

Introduce Yourself: Hello my name is Rhea Rifa, I’m from Indonesia and currently a freshman year in university. I’m an International Relations major student and the reason why I chose it, it’s because I want to be a part of creating the world peace through diplomacy instead of war. I’m dreaming the world to be a better place for us.

Thoughts On People In The World?: I love people. Meeting new people is one of my favorite thing in this world. And I think diversity is a true beauty of the world. We were born in different continents, countries, speaking in many different languages but yet we know that love is a universal language. People are the machine of the world, by working together and put down our selfishness, I believe that the world could be a better place for us.

What are your inspirations & goals?: One of my inspirations came from so many politicians, public figures and humanitarians. One of them is Michael Jackson. He always being vocal of what he’s believe in. He believe in a world without war, filled with love, children are laughing and safe. We are loving each other. And that’s what I wanted to participated in. I want to be one of the person that help this world to be a better place to live. My goals are creating the better world and world peace. It may sounds very utopian to some people and impossible, but I believe in the power of humanity.

How would you impact the world?: Joining an world organization or volunteering on social activities. I aimed to be a great diplomat in the future and helping each other to reach their dream of world peace.

Struggles In Life? : I struggles with economical stuff. My parents are the most loving person in the world. Even though they’re not yet capable to support me, financially, they’re trying to give the best that they could.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I want to stop procastinating stuff when anxiety hits me. As I got older, I feel like I love myself even more and accepting the way I am. I used to struggled with appeareance that I thought I’m not fit into any kind of beauty standards. But then I found my way through God’s light. I am now okay and I hope I always be.

What does love mean to you?: Love means everything. Love is the core of everything in this world. It has the good and the bad. But love is what rule this world. Love is the most powerful thing in this world.

Name : Rhea Rifa

Instagram : Rhearifaramadhanti

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