Meet Hakeem.  Be the Malcom x/ Louis Farrakhan/ noble drew Ali

Introduce Yourself: I’m 20 I’m Aboriginal American (black)

Thoughts On People In The World?: White people colonized the world and need to give our land back so there would be world peace, but till then there will still be racism , people have to stop watching tv and stop living life in an illusion and see how fuck up the system is, we pay taxes for war , but can’t feed the poor, the richer get rich as the poor get poor. Middle class niggas liked what’s that ,? At this point it’s not bout race , we all slaves to the corporation of America , catholic priests rape kids but don’t go to jail , black man 30 years for drugs guns when America supply’s it fbi cia , shit real, but ppl think it’s just in the movies nah this real life tfffffff!

What are your inspirations & goals?: Be the Malcom x/ Louis Farrakhan/ noble drew Ali

How would you impact the world?: A voice too the people

Struggles In Life? : I’m from Baton Rouge it gets no worse then this Baton Rouge is the struggle

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : Being scared, suffer from neglection , depressing I always like attention but I’m shy but I’m me but I want to be a better me

What does love mean to you?: Polygamy is love be fruitful and multiply take care of Mother Nature

Name : Hakeem

Instagram : Hakeembeyy

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