Meet Elodie. The story of a nail art tech using her skills she developed to impact the world.

Tell about yourself & your background?

My name is Elodie, im French but moved to South London by myself when i was 18. ( I stayed 17 years straight here, then moved back to France for 4 years-where I’ve realized i can’t live anymore -and now it’s a year I’m back in the uk) i have a degree in psychology, i know BSL and worked with homeless, refugees and disabled children (specialized in speech delays) and nowadays i do nails…i completely stopped any type of social work.

What inspired you to get into the world of nail art and more?

I got into nail art because i wanted to do something creative and i don’t believe in social work in the way our society is nowadays anymore I wanted to do something creative. Initially i went back to the UK on the 3rd of march 2020 to do 6 months training in hairdressing at Toni & Guy academy…but after a week i had to crawl back home as covid madness started kicking in, as i was bored at my mum’s and i don’t like being inactive, i ordered my first nail kit just for fun and i liked it.

What are some words of wisdom you live by everyday to keep pushing for more goals?

I’m not very good with goals…i struggle setting some and i feel like i never reach any (which is not true, lol) but one thing i do though is keep finding solutions.. whatever happens, i always find a way… I don’t give up…if something doesn’t work… then i try again in another way I’m resilient like that.

What are some challenges you faced in the beginning & how do you feel now since you’ve gained more success?

I’m still in the middle of the challenges..still trying to build up my clientele, still struggling…but im happy i do beautiful nails and I’m learning how to deal with people in a professional manner… learning how to be firm, set boundaries but nevertheless stay kind….I’m also learning about self-worth..

What was the best costumer experience you’ve had & what was your worst experience you’ve had?

Best customer: well, they were quite a few…i love when customers arrive completely deflated and they look super pumped up…i feel like i am still doing social work and still using my psychology degree but at my scale and the way i want to.. I also made good friends with a few.

Worst customer: some russian psycho bitch…she came looking for argument… she won’t let me do my job without giving me directive and criticizing everything i was doing… I don’t have a poker face at all, so u can straight see when I’m irritated..i was glad i had glasses and mask on…i finished the service nevertheless…then the following week, she harassed me for days on the phone, saying it was chipping… eventually I won’t pick up the phone anymore…so she came to the salon i was working at the time in person to complain some more…she completely destroyed me on the salon google review…

What are some ways outside of what you do, you’d like to make an impact in peoples lives?

Outside my work, I’m often trying to help others, I’m friendly to my neighbors, still like to volunteer in charities and stuff when i can… I’m very tolerant, and go easily towards people, who ever they are…. I actually hang out with a lot of 20 something…lol…i don’t know, i don’t feel my age…i try to share with them a bit of my gained wisdom and knowledge over the years…and I’m also learning new things from them… Being 20 nowadays is not like being 20 20 years ago…i find it quite interesting.

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