Meet Janice Bih. I want to create a world where lesser known talents are still seen as artistic.

Tell about yourself & background?

My name is Janice Bih. I’m from Cameroon, North West Region. I studied law at uni of Dschang.

What inspired you to get into the fashion world and when did you learn to do crochet?

I had learnt crochet as a child, it seemed to just call me back then. A while back, I discovered I needed sources of income for myself and crochet was one of the skills I had so I used it.

What are some goals you’d like to complete in your life?

I want to connect people to their emotions. I want to create a world where lesser known talents are still seen as artistic. Because growing up if you couldn’t sing, dance or draw then you’re considered to have no talent. But in reality a lot of people have talents that society doesn’t see as artistic and so they don’t pursue them. And being in touch with your God given talent connects you to your emotions.

What are some words of positivity you live by everyday?

I always tell myself to have courage and be kind. And to always remember the best that can happen and focus on the best. Even if the best doesn’t always come you grieve and easily move from there because your mind automatically starts thinking the next best instead of worst.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Describe myself in 3 words, I’ll just say I’m fire, air and water.

What is one way you’d like to make an impact in the world?

I’d like to impact the world by advocating for mental health. I believe if we are connected more to our emotions then a lot of mental health issues cure themselves. And when you heal you also heal the generations coming after you.

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