Be pretty in private with Floralkinis Bikini Tops.

Be pretty in private with Floralkinis Bikini Tops.

These are made with your summer time pursuits by the beach in the mind.

We know you will go to a pool party with your friends or have a day out with the girls.

Chilling with Margaritas. Living life by the water.

But there’s 1 big problem: rain on your shine. There’s a good chance the other  website where you order your bikini’s from leaks your shopping data online.


What a way to throw some bad cherries in your Margarita.

It’s time to bring your sand to the right beach if you get what I mean.

And if you don’t it’s this: Be pretty in private.

Otherwise this will happen..

You will shop online on a regular day. Just looking for some sexy bikinis of course.

You browse through different online stores for the latest fashion trends and new accessories. 

After several purchases from different swimwear companies, you will notice a weirded-out charge on your credit card statement.

It was for a designer purse that you never purchased!

“Uh oh. Here we go.” You think. 

You contact your bank and see that your precious credit card information got stolen from one of the Sexy Bikini stores you purchased from. 

Yea. Something about a data breach that exposed sensitive customer information & all that jazz.

You spend weeks dealing with the aftermath of the theft, contacting your bank and the bikini store in question to resolve this problem. 

How do you solve this crazy issue? You wait for it to happen and then shop with us.

Or you click here to buy from Floralkini’s

They have:

  • Bandeau style tube tops
  • Floral prints
  • Ruffle trims
  • Scrunchie constructions
  • Removable cups
  • Adjustable straps
  • Removable straps

For your liking. 

All the bad girls rock them, you can see on the website. Ciao

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