Meet Sephora. My goal for the following years is to finish my bachelors and becoming an art director for a huge brand like Balmain.

Tell about yourself?

So my name is Sephora I’m 18 yo soon 19 I’m French and live I live in Lyon . I’m a huge Paris st Germain fan like I’m dying for this club, when we lose ( to often this year) or win it’s will have an impact of my mood of the day . I’m also a fashion fan love to see good and amazing runways . Also love F1 .

What are some words of positivity you live by everyday?

Each day I tell myself to be enough that I’m enough for this world

What some goals you have for yourself for the next 2-5 years?

My goal for the following years is to finish my bachelor and becoming art director for a huge brand like Balmain and learn my job with the people i admire that was my personal goal but If PSG win a champion league and France Euro and the next World Cup i be really happy too

If you could make a change/impact in the world what would you do?

I already think that I can impact the world in my way but If a can do more I would love add more black event in historic book cause it important for black child to know their story

What else would you like to share with people in the world about you?

The world urge to know that as French représentant we are the best 🇫🇷🇫🇷

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