Meet K Y. I love making music and art so I’ve been putting all my energy into my music and the accompanying art/ merchandise.

Tell about yourself?

I’m Kyle I go by K Y, it’s a childhood nickname that started as a joke but ended up sticking 😅 The North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand is where I was born and raised. I’m a musician/ artist & qualified builder. Recently diagnosed with long covid so I’ve been more or less forced into taking time off well I recover and thought screw it I may aswell try chase my dreams 😂

What passions in life are you working towards right now?

I love making music and art so I’ve been putting all my energy into my music and the accompanying art/ merchandise. Also I’ve been working with my childhood friend Raz making music in the group quietboys so trying to get all this hard work seen is the main goal at this point

What are words of wisdom you live by everyday?

There’s two quotes I’ve found replaying in my head lately both from Young Dolph

-The best thing is to invest in yourself, because it takes money to make money.

-You only get one shot at life, one life to live, make the most out of it put as many smiles as you can on people’s faces, help as many people as you can, get you some paper. Live life, you and your folks.

What are some goals you have for yourself for the next 2-5 years?

I’d like to within the next two years tour my country playing my music and within the next 5 years I’d love to have the opportunity to perform overseas

What are some struggles you’ve dealt with?

ADHD, mental illness & drug addiction I think would be the main struggles I’ve battled with but they are also my super powers bahaha, long covid has been a struggle as I’m usually such an active person but it’s also been productive for me as I’ve been forced to sit down and reevaluate my life and what I want to do with it.

What is a way you’d like to make an impact in people’s lives?

Music has always been the biggest pick me up for me when I’m down so if I could do that for somebody else with my music mission accomplished.

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