Giantex brings comforting and great appliances to your home.

Giantex’s electric fireplace is instant, hot coziness with zero fire risk.

It’s just what you need in your home.

Photo by Stéphane Juban

Your wood-burning fireplace or electric heater poses a risk to the house you worked so hard for.

Here’s a story from someone not as fortunate as you:

Burna Brother..

I would get so worried about checking the heaters, the burners and the oven on my way out of my home so that it would not burn down.

It happened while I was away. I left someone to house sit for me & the house burned down! 

The pets are dead with one possible exception.

 I am desperate that we get that missing cat back. 

The dead cat loved me so much. He always told me how much he loved me. 

I feel so bad.

A moment of silence for our friend…

That electric heater in your home is a ticking fire bomb waiting to happen!

It’s time to replace it NOW with Giantex’s 28.5″ Electric Fireplace.

Photo by Ben Wicks

Only some of you will get to see the blue & purple ambience of the fireplace before their “save $50” offer ends..

Click here to buy instant, hot coziness with zero fire risk. 40+ other people have.

Looks great and a good price

LBL on Apr 02, 2022

Good price and it really brightens and warms the room!

Great deal

Amazon Customer on Mar 20, 2022

Love it, just as described. Heats up my movie room in minutes.

very cozy

paul robinson on Mar 10, 2022

i installed this in 20 minute, very nice and works great


Oyefeso Olumuyiwa on Feb 28, 2022

Was able to install it and it’s great. You can change the light setting depending on your mood, it also can heat up the living area!

Great value and a great looking fireplace!

End User on Feb 23, 2022

We use these a lot on homes we are remodeling and we have not had a single problem. People love the look and convenience. Also you can turn it out without the heat function for ambiance, and it uses very little power, maybe as much as a christmas tree light. Very happy with these units!

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