Meet Tafari. My strength is ambition and ability to create a better version of myself.

Tell about yourself, what are you currently getting yourself involved in at this moment.

I’m currently involved in marketing & copywriting.

What would you say is your strengths & weaknesses?

My strength is ambition and ability to create a better version of myself.
My weakness not knowing when to listen

What is a dream of yours you’re looking to achieve right now?

I keep dreams to myself. But my mother needs to live on the beach

What is a quote you live by daily?

Quote: “You can achieve but you have to believe 100% not halfway”

What is a major change you would like to make in our society?

Society needs to relax and stop hating on people who want more for themselves

How would you define marketing and what is your strongest point in that field?

Marketing is the ability to understand 1 person and resonate with them in a way that gets them to take action right away.
Strongest point in that field: My interest in how peoples minds work

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