Gourmet brand Di Bruno Bros saves your pasta Lasagna from being a recipe of disaster.

Picture this.. you’re about to make your signature lasagna for Easter.. but you’re missing Di Bruno Bros’ signature Italian cheeses.

What a mess that would be.

Photo by Mick Haupt

Let’s get into what that would look like for your family:

You’re making some lasagna and you forget to add Italian cheese when putting it in the oven. Why?

Because you didn’t get any. You figured traditional cheese would do.

The sudden realization hit you like a sledgehammer.

The whole family looks at you in disappointment when they find out you used regular cheese because mema ran her mouth at the table.

What a nightmare.

Photo by Afif Ramdhasuma

It’s good you don’t have to worry about that because Di Bruno Bros have a collection of specialty Italian cheeses for your Easter Celebration.

And they’ve been in this game for 80 years so your family will gossip about how good your lasagna is, not how you “forgot the good cheese”

Click here to buy their assortment of aged cheeses: Di Bruno Bros

Di Bruno Bros. is “a temple of awesomeness and delight”.

— Anthony Bourdain

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