The Story of Grateful Earth, A coffee brand bringing the gift of love and light into peoples lives one cup at a time.

British Coffee Association – 10% of regular coffee drinkers felt a surge of anxiety after the first cup o’ joe. A pack of Grateful Earth’s Nootropic Dark Roast can change that forever…

You can see this phenomena in live action with this story from “The Joe Jrinker” –

Joe Jrinker:

“Through all the years, I still get super anxious when I drink espresso. I just had the smallest black iced coffee. Wow, it was delicious. I loved it!

Imagine… the caffeine is making me energized and ready to work.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

But all of a sudden, any social interaction gives my brain an anxious mind-quake. As in, someone tried talking to me at the cafe & my face got tomato red. I couldn’t even speak!

Once I have caffeine, I can’t talk to anyone but my family for the rest of the day.

Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?”

Looks like “Joe Jrinker” is in luck.

Photo by Skylar Michael

Grateful Earth’s blends have 6 ingredients for blissful anxiety-free caffeine.

  • Anti-inflammatory turmeric
  • Ancient Egyptian brain-boosting cinnamon
  • Natural Lion’s Mane to give you a monk’s concentration
  • Anti Aging Chaga Mushrooms to keep your brain youthful
  • Calming L-Theanine
  • A splash of black pepper

Grateful Earth is passionate about the transformative power of medicinal plants, tonic herbs, and powerful adaptogens (aka natural nootropics) for a high-vibration, holistic lifestyle. Their goal is to help others radiate love and light into their life and empower people through the power of all things good in this universe— gratitude, truth, & fun—and reconnect you with the natural healing gifts of the Earth.

Supercharge your brain – without anxiety -and click to join their 2600+ positive reviews on all coffee products

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