Meet Sabah Suzie Merheb the founder of media outlet Gin & Juice TV who is changing the dynamic of seeing your favorite artists in a different perspective.

Tell me about yourself?

My birth name is Sabah which means ‘Morning’ and ‘Promise’ in Arabic. I’m Lebanese, born in Australia. Unfortunately, I was bullied a lot throughout high school because my name was so ethnic and different and because I listened to a lot of punk and metal music. I picked Suzie as a name for myself when I was 10 years old and have been known as Suzie ever since. I am returning to my birth name as it serves a higher purpose, and I’m proud to embrace my uniqueness and ethnicity. 

I’m a 90’s baby, so I love all things 90s, and 00s when it comes to my style and fashion. I consider myself a punk rock Barbie because I mix elements of Barbie, Bratz and punk to create my style.

Music has always been a part of my life and is my biggest passion. I’ve studied music since I was in school and then went to do a double major in Music and Media Communication & Journalism at University. While studying at uni, I worked for MTV Australia as a production assistant and for Universal Music as an A&R assistant. During that time, I also launched my own music and events label called Rainbow Unicorn and held various indie music events all over Sydney. I also hosted and MC’d a bunch of music festivals during 2012-2016. Once I graduated from university in 2017, I launched my brand and channel Gin & Juice TV. 

I noticed you are the owner of a very successful media outlet, Gin & Juice TV. Tell me about your journey of starting that and where are you with it now?

After graduating from university, I decided I wanted to launch my own music blog where I could travel the world to cover the hottest shows and festivals and shoot interactive interviews with all your favorite artists. My goal was to get raw and unique content that has never been captured before, talking to artists in their natural habitat rather than shooting a “regular-degular” sit-down interview in a studio. I wanted to do activities with them all, getting a more realistic side that fans had never witnessed.

What are some more goals you have placed for yourself over the next few years?

The ultimate goal is for Gin & Juice TV to be on TV. As mentioned above, I’m heavily influenced by the 90s and 00s MTV reality TV era and wanted to blend my interviews with that on-the-go reality style. I’m also primarily inspired by Louie Theroux, who immerses himself in the craziest parts of America, showing the world places no one has seen before. I wanted to mesh those ideas into making Gin & Juice TV unique in a way where I incorporate music and have artists and bands do an activity with me. At the same time, I ask them questions, going directly to their hometowns or place of choice. I’ve been to the projects in Harlem, Zone 6 and Zone 8 in ATL, Little Tokyo in LA and much more! 

What are some words of motivation that pushes everyday you to elevate to the next level in your life?

A few quotes I live by daily that are forever shaping the person I am today are “The biggest risk you take in life is not taking any risk at all” – Lucille Bell 

“What is coming is better than what has gone” – Arabic Proverb

What was the hardest part of getting to where you are now?

After significant growth, my channel was hacked in 2020. Unfortunately, whoever hacked my account deleted the original page, and I could not get it back from YouTube. I lost all my subscribers, comments and views and was extremely upset about this, having poured my whole heart and soul into growing the page. Five months after the hack, I made a new channel and re-upload everything from scratch. I’m sitting with fewer subscribers and views, but I’m still aiming for that 100k YouTube plaque and will get my hands on it in diving timing. Inshallah 🤞🏽🦋💫

What are some ways you’d like to keep making an impact in the world?

Apart from music, I’m an animal lover, activist and environmentalist who travels the world and often contributes to working with the preservation and conservation of wild animals abroad and doing volunteer work. I’m a vegan and believe in the ethical treatment of animals and sustainable living. One of my hobbies is scuba diving, and I plan to meet as many marine animals as possible and would love to open up a Marine Conservation and a Cat sanctuary.

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