Ali Mia shares her life story update with People Globally part 2

I spoke to Ali last year on her career and what she’s creating for the world! Here’s her first interview

Now we are here with a new update on Ali check it out!

How has your modeling & producing career been doing since we last spoke?

I produce mainly and modeling on the side I’ve been putting myself into the water little by little testing out what makes me happy and what I can do platform wise to keep going and strive

What are some changes you’ve made in your life recently?

Moving Silently

What are some words of positivity that you would like to share to the world these days?

That you can be from anywhere and do anything if you actually simply just do it 🖤

What obstacles have you faced in the past few months and did you overcome those obstacles?

I feel like everyone has obstacles big small at different times. Anytime something is a challenge I always try to over come it and prove I can do.

Is there anything we can look forward to this year from you?

Music. Come ups & silent moves

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