BLESSED EZEKIEL ABWA: Take your time and achieve, cause in the end you will only have you if you fail or win.

Tell about yourself, your background?

My names are BLESSED EZEKIEL ABWA, I’m 23 years old and I live in Nigeria precisely Jos, I stay with my parents and my two siblings. I school in the university of Jos , studying fine and applied arts and anytime I have time I get to customize clothes, shoes and anything I get to imagine and have the tools or materials to create that which I have in mind.

I see you make custom clothing and customize shoes how did that all start?

I started my custom design mainly by just watching people on Instagram do theirs and I picked interest and I kind of have an active imagination since secondary school, I would always redesign any of my plan uniform, bed sheets even my locker cause I was in a Borden school and I always got flogged by my staffs but I never stop instead I promised myself that some day the would by clothes , shoes whatever I design and the would look back and see that is like more than something I do, but something I have planned to build for me to be my dream goal and not just a waste of time. I would use permanent markers correction pens and Biros to design, then after secondary I get to know of acrylic pens and paints cause in my secondary school we didn’t have an art class or teach we did not take the subject , but me and a few of my classmates that loved to draw still drow on our free time and we asked the school to get us an art teacher but I guess we weren’t loud enough to get one for us. But still we all pushed for it in our own ways. So yeah this is meanly how I started and kept going hard, still am ,cause I have reach my main point, Which is to make a name like them ADIDAS and many other big brands we all know.

What are some goals you want to achieve with what you’re doing?

My goals would be to make an impact to the people around me positively, to those that look up to me and those that look at me and see something different in a great way ,in a unique way . And I would love to help my family and my day ones in a very special way. I would love to build something that I would be proud of for me,so that when I sit down and look back And look at where I am or where I want to be I would pleased and be like God all the way, Goals well planned and well achieved.

What are your top 3 favorite brands(shoes, clothing, etc)?

And again I would love to make something that even when am gone my next would appreciate the life he or she came and meet from hardwork and determination and still build on and grow.

3 top Brands shoes and clothes

Adidas shoes

Vans shoes

New balance shoes

Champion clothes

Adidas clothes

BURBERRY clothes

What is a positive message you’d like to share with people in the world?

Take your time and achieve, cause in the end you will only have you if you fail or win. Believe in your process keep pushing and never give up. The process is hard and heavy but when it finally sets on the right part it’s soft , easy and very sweet

What is one way you’d like to make an impact in the world?

How I would like to make an impact in the world, I would like to see the (world) in another way “PEOPLE”. I would like to give people the opportunity to see me as someone who believes in process, things in life are meant to be planned then followed just like art you don’t rush it, it’s a flow. So I would like to give the world or people, youths a space where the can come and explore their own thoughts and imagination. Who knows someone would pick interest and want to push the idea as a source of inspiration to not just sit and do nothing but with things around us we could really stay creative and build a skill to work on and teach too


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