Deezy$tackss: Don’t think you have to be any certain way because of the color of your skin. BE YOU AUTHENTICALLY AND GREATLY

Tell about yourself, your background?

I’m a very positive and family/friend oriented person, I love a lot but I’m also sarcastic as hell so that helps lol. My background is interesting with having two completely different worlds when it came to my mom and dads side of the family lol meaning having a very somewhat strict Christian side along with a street & military side can only make for a very interesting combination resulting in me.

How did you get started with your music career and where are you at now with it?

Music came at a very early age, with just being obsessed with certain Disney movie songs and hearing different types of music just everywhere I went, so my love for it started super young but my actual beginning of making it was after seeing bow wow and Omarion on 106 & park for the release of their collab album face off. And see them perform and the love and attention they got, I wanted it. Then with more time and practice i end up learning how I can use music to express myself and let off pent up aggression and just be vulnerable. Currently I’m in a place where I just want to complete a bunch of visuals. Like I have a pretty extensive catalog that follows my journey of life but i definitely need more people seeing how great this is apposed to just hearing the songs

What are some words of advice you’d like to give to other artist in the world?

My advice for any artist honestly would be to do their best to find themselves along their journey of making music. Because I genuinely feel like a lot of grown people now haven’t truly found themselves and i don’t think a artist can make the best that they possibly can without finding themselves. Oh yea and don’t think you have to be any certain way because of the color of your skin. BE YOU AUTHENTICALLY AND GREATLY

What is your latest project out now & what are you working on that’s coming soon?

The latest project I have out at the moment would me a collab project I did with a producer I was close to and it’s called BBY BZKA. No need to analyze anything, the goal was literally to make the greatest sounding random title for the project lol. And as for what’s next…. Idk…. Well not that idk because I have things in the works but I’m very extra about timing and feeling and yadda yadda yadda so I can’t promise what exactly will come, but regardless….it’s gonna be great

What is your goals for the next 2-5 years?

2 – 5 years is so close and yet so far at the same time but honestly the goal is to keep learning, keep living, keep loving, and keep getting to this money feel me 😂 cus we can’t fund the dream with no funds….and where the fun in that?

What is one major impact you’d like to make in the world?

The impact I would like to leave is just for people to just take life a step at a time and love yourself & find yourself overall. Because society would rather you stuff yourself into a square space when you’re a circle rather then be yourself regardless of acceptance


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