FalseCris x People Globally Interview part 2.

What is false branding and what made you start it?

FalseBranding , is a clothing brand based in Miami Florida , ran by artist “falsecris” , False started in early February in 2020. I really wanted to start making clothes back when i was 16, so thats when false was started and rapidly lead to success through time

When did you start doing music and what is something that pushed you to pursue it?

I started making music Feb 25th 2022 , that was the first day i was in the studio , my bestfriend @ohtrapstar introduced to this world and mentored me all the way through until his passing.

His passing really pushed me and made me ambitious to get to where i wanna be , i want to make trap proud everyday i wake up and work, i wanna achieve all the goals we had.

What is a quote you live by?

“dont rush greatness” is a quote i live by ! it is all said in that small quote , I believe anything that comes up fast can fall as fast as it came work n perfection takes time , effort , & ambition. Only matter of time til ur time comes , you gotta wait ur turn.

What motivates you daily?

thinking about my goals and my future motivates me to work , thinking about how im making trap proud motivates me to work hard everyday

What are you currently in process of creating next to shine to the world?

My next move to shine the world is to continue to inspire people , and motivate others.


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