Lazaria: I really see myself as a designer and want to have full creative control over my brand.

Tell about yourself, what is your background?

My name is Lazaria, im 23. Born and raised in Houston, sibling of 4 and a dog mom. I graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor of science in fashion merchandising, currently I design active wear for private label brand.

What is something you are passionately working towards(job or business)?

I’ve been working a lot recently over the last year with a very close friend of mine, J’kevya on passion projects. So- just creating style boards, and styling photo shoots. I’m trying to get more into design myself, I’ve only ever designed 2 dresses but I really see myself as a designer and want to have full creative control over my brand.

What is a goal you want to achieve in 2 years?

In 2 years, if God says the same, I want to be more financially secure. I want to be healthy both mentally, physically and loved. I definitely want to have excelled in my career to the next level as well as start my clothing brand. Praying for that.

What inspires you everyday to keep moving forward in life?

Honestly, what inspires me the most is knowing that I didn’t have an example growing up of many positive people …. I want to be that for my little sister and my niece and other young girls. I just see so much for myself because I can see it IS attainable when I see other peoples success. I understand that everybody’s process is different so I just try to be graceful with myself with knowing that. But constantly working to pursue my goals and move to the next steps– always move forward and with confidence and grace. What are some struggles you’ve faced or are currently facing in life?

The biggest struggle I’ve faced in life has been battling depression, it really puts you in a stuck place where your mind lies you you and makes you believe you have no value and no purpose… just because things aren’t what you think they should be… and that don’t matter.

What are some words of wisdom you live by?

Some words of wisdom that I live by is to think about who you want to be and if you’re doing anything now that doesn’t align with that then why you wasting time doing it at all.

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