Braydn: I wanna help people from all walks of life believe in themselves and their talents.

Tell about yourself/your background?

My name is Braydn, and i’m from Dallas, Texas. i’ve been mixing my own music for almost a year now, and since then i’ve lived in California, and South Carolina. I’ve seen a lot of the US from traveling

What inspired you to pursue music and bring this talent to the world?

honestly i’ve been playing piano since i was a kid, and then i started getting into fashion around high school, and met some cool people who introduced me to HipHop, and most of the music i listen to now. I’d say X is a big influence for me because he wasn’t afraid to let his voice be heard. The Kid LAROI is definitely one of my biggest influences because his past… and his passion for recording music. we both have a similar past when it comes to where we are from, and sleeping couch to couch, sometimes not having anything. His story and music made me want to learn how to mix. and yeah the rest is history

What are some hobbies you do besides music?

i’m into fashion heavy, and cooking. i cook for all my homies 🙏🏽

What is some struggles you’ve went through to get to where you are now?

Everything from seeing people get robbed, being homeless and sleeping outside a few times, couch hopped, i’ve seen a homeless guy almost kill another guy with brass knuckles which wasn’t cool. seen people pull guns, been in the trap surrounded w guns. i definitely don’t regret anything i’ve seen in the streets bc i mean i survived. i’ve come up since then, and i’ve learned how to move the right way and keep my head focused on money, and my goals.

What would you say your favorite track you created and why, what was the meaning behind the song?

Colors. i made Colors the night after i tripped. it’s about being in a room, everything feels trippy and surreal. it’s like the colors moving wavy and u see like this gorgeous female walk into the room. to me i was speaking to her saying “everyone else in the room has their eyes on us. you’re the only one i wanna be with right now” like that moment isn’t gonna last forever and you know it, but u wanna cherish it as long as you can.

What is a major impact you’d like to make in our world?

I wanna help people from all walks of life believe in themselves and their talents. people who battle mental health, or even people who just need someone to talk to. i just wanna be there for everyone and spread love

What is a saying you live by to help you get through everyday?

FISH. Fuck It Shit Happens


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