Giorgia Lombardi


My name is Giorgia but everybody calls me Joy. I am an economics student, who struggles to find the right ways to express my creativity.

Since a young age, I have been always interested in languages, which I always thought to be my only means to communicate until I discovered photography and art. I believe everyone has their own meaning and impact in life and is able to express it differently.

For some years now, I have always wanted to start my own Youtube Channel and express myself for who I am and what I can make of the little creativity I have. So I want to encourage anyone with a passion or dream to act on it because I believe it never gets too late. As I am finding the courage and the confidence to share moments with the world, I would like to be able to give some peace of mind to people. The same peace I did not have growing up in my life, I would be able to create even just for a moment through a picture for others.

Nowadays, we are constantly filled with information whether it’s visual or auditory but I always remind myself to keep some time to disconnect to better understand who I am. I grew up in the digital era and I struggled to find myself in the millions of ideas and options as if I were already filled with the knowledge I needed before I even had a chance to learn. For this reason, I take a step back and look at things in the simple way that I am, beyond a screen, video or pic, a person.

Whether it’s a good or a bad moment in life, just remember you are yourself and that is the one strength no one can take away from you.

Thank you so much for People Globally and the opportunity to share a bit of my story.

Instagram : _giorgielomba_


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