Hi, I’m Efunbolajoko. A very unique name I’m aware. I was told to talk about my journey so far cause I’m still on it and I have never been more honored. It’s quite new to me because I hardly express myself and as an artist and a student studying architecture, I only express myself through my creativity. I find my journey similar to any creatives’ journey out there but different A journey as an artist and a journey as an architect.

Being an artist is comes naturally to me, its something I’ve always loved as a child, I don’t remember not ‘drawing’. I was 16 when I realized it wasn’t only ‘drawing’ I could do, I could paint, sculpt and most times I pick up any form of craft. All I had to see how its done once, other times I just find myself doing it and I do it right. People find it hard to believe, they always say I must be experienced while some don’t believe me at all. I must say art is indeed my first love but as I grew older I wanted something more professional. I wanted to show my creativity but also be licensed. Honestly, this was influenced by the fact that where I come from here in Nigeria, people don’t take creatives seriously unless your job has a fancy name. Hence the beginning of my journey as an architect.

I wrote a series of exams trying to get into one of the prestigious schools here in Nigeria and with all my efforts at the time, I didn’t pass enough to get the course of study I wanted. I was extremely discouraged and spiraled down mentally. I had to move on, so I got into another university where studied Architecture for 4 years and I recently graduated. Architecture engulfed my life through the years and I had very little time to make art separately although one could tell I was an artist just by seeing my designs. I am glad a huge chunk of my journey as an architect has been covered, it gives me time to focus on my art. I don’t like to dwell on past struggles because I have a mindset that just keeps me going but I must tell you, its been tough. Life has been tough but I like to believe everything happens for a reason and as I grow, the story becomes easier to share.

Growing up, I didn’t know how to express myself with words. It took a while to speak and to read but with these issues my ability to pay attention to details was second to none. It was like I could see everything from a slight mood change especially in my parents, to how centipedes move each leg haha. It was that crazy, all of these things I could see but I couldn’t write or say how I felt. A lot was taken in mentally and this made me quiet, shy, timid, afraid of my own thoughts and so on. I only have a friend in me, anyone else just knows a version of me that I want them to know. Its not something I’m proud of or can explain properly, I have decided to just let my art and designs speak. Even with these problems I had and still do, I just always believe everyone is going through one thing or the other and we’re all connected.

My ultimate goal sounds so expected that’s why I hate saying it but it is. My goal is to give back because I feel I’m here for a reason. Left to me, I wouldn’t be. We are connected, we need each other and helping each other just feels right. I don’t know what God’s plan is for me but I might as well equip myself and let God direct me. I would love to create a safe space for people especially the younger generation in my country then around the world to express themselves through their craft with guidance because I wish I had that. I really just want to everyone how I really feel without speaking someday. I don’t know if its possible but yeah, any other goal is just kind of selfish cause its just for me. I don’t know if that makes sense but yeah.

If I had a chance to “do-over” I think I want to experience more of life to be able to answer this question but right now? I don’t think there’s anything I’d “do-over” life’s pretty funny.

I haven’t posted as much as I want on twitter but that’s where I have majority of what I’ve done and I want you to see it, I am also very active and responsive on twitter. @efunbolajoko is my username on twitter. See you there!

Much love, Efunbolajoko.

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