Edward James alias is a male style enthusiast from Kenya who is also a host at a podcast known as The Unknownmous podcast alongside Clinton Artisto where we talk about our daily life experiences. I do Social media marketing and management on the sidelines.

I’m passionate about fashion and creativity in general putting into context my love for telling stories that impact my life & the life of others around me. I have managed to inspire other fashion enthusiasts to believe in themselves and put out their work.My engagement has also grown over the years where i have interacted with fashion lovers and other creatives and that has helped me boost my fashion prowess.

I draw my motivation from reels,photos and articles from my friends. and other creatives that are doing impactful content for their benefit and others. I’m also motivated by the urge to try out new styles and challenge myself to break average as i came to realise that no one cares about you when you’re average.

I am inspired by the urge to live a good life & hence also boost the lifestyle of my family and friends positively. Looking good also qualifies as my inspiration as i believe that when i look good and smell nice,i work well and achieve more than i expected which therefore boosts my growth and confidence.

Achievements don’t come without challenges. In Kenya, the fashion space/industry has not grown much and hence expressing oneself with your dress code may be subjected to a lot of hate and unhealthy criticism but as a creative you have to define who you are, what you do and be clear on that. Its the only way you can overcome the challenges in the industry.

Putting my foot forward and creating spaces where I can air my gifts and improve my life & others lives has to be one of the impacts i want to make in the world. I also have plans of building a brand where i can air my creativity and also show people around the world and in my community(Kibera,Nairobi) that it is possible to break bounds through creativity. In terms of branding i’d like to work with various fashion brands so as to boost my creative process and increase also my reach as far as fashion is concerned.

If I had a chance for a do over i would reduce on procrastination and fear. Fear pushes us further from our goals and limits our mind capability. I would also give myself a tap on the shoulder everyday i achieve a milestone no matter how small it is because when you believe in yourself you heal from your past and when you heal yourself you can heal others around you.

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What are the fears you have when it comes to achieving your goals and how do you go about that??

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