That Young Love…

So I wrote this “love letter” to my 1st love, im not gonna say her name! I’ll never forget her! She eventually turned me down at the end of the journey. Not gonna lie, I still feel that pain….

AYE!!!! So there’s this girl right, and she’s pretty much…….amazing!!! She’s the most BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD and she knows it! Shawty cooler than a breeze way ya digg!?! Lots of people say “no one’s perfect” but ONLY because they haven’t met her! She gotta smile that’ll brighten up your day and a laugh that’ll ROCK YOUR WORLD!!! She a koo lil mama I think you know her! You’ll find this girl when you look into the mirror! Thats right!!! Im talkin about you!!!! I love you girl and I always have! I want you to know that you are the star in my sky! The one that keeps me pushin everyday! Even though I haven’t seen ya I keep thinkin that TODAY’LL be that day! I think about you all the time cuz you are my EVERYTHING!!! You’re the only thing to think about! Cheer up girl dont chu worry bout a thing! Keep smiling & laughing!!! Life is WAY too short to be worrying about somebody who dont matter! Any man in this world that’ll be crazy enough to let you go AINT WORTH IT!!!!! So sheddin them tears aint worth it! SMILE!!!! Laugh!!!! It’s healthy for ya. As you know I can talk about you for a lifetime, there’s no end for my love for you! I just want you to know THAT YOU ARE LOVED ALL THE TIME ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!! So how could you be sad and down with all dat LOVE!?! I LOVE YOU!!!! Keep ya head up like you gotta nose bleed!!! You should already know this!! 😉 Holla at ya boi when you get the chance!!! IM ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU!!

I love you too much NOT to be!! 😉


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