Cheez Sama The California Dominicano Born Americano

My Name Is Cheez Sama JP Cheez The California Dominicano Born Americano.Im A Solo Artist With Many Passionate Crafts That Was Born In Palm Springs,California & Raised Back & Forth From The Sunny West Coast State Of California To The Hispaniola Island In The Caribbeans.

What Motivated Me To Make Music Is That Im Able To Express My Souls Individual Message Of My Life Experiences I Have Lived Through These Songs I Create That People Can Relate To Or Get Inspired From Or Maybe Some Help In Their Everyday Lives From My Thoughts.I Have So Many Stories In My Life To Where I Become So Flooded With So Many Thoughts In My Conscious To Where If I Didnt Have Music They Would Just Be Ideas In My Head Running Wild Because I Think A Lot.Being Able To Create These Songs Im Able To Manifest My Mind Into This Physical Realm Through Form Of Art & More Etc.Another Thing Is My Native Dominican Culture Is Well Known For Creating Many Genres Of Music Containing Dembow,Bachata,Merengue,Palo Music Etc.Also I Just Love To Dance & Party To The Frequencies & Vibrations That Come From Creating Music That Connects Us Deeply With Our Soul Spiritual & Physical Entwined This Is Why Music Is A Universal Language.Music Just Brings Me Eternal Happiness To Where Im Able To Entertain Myself & Have Fun By Myself With This Talent,Don,Gift God Has Granted Me With To Live With Thank You For This Priceless Blessing.

The Goals I Have With My Music Is Just I Love Making Music Its A Eternal Happiness For Me.Also To Help Others With My Story & Inspire Them To Live For Their Dreams Because Some Dreams Are Free & Some Will Be Costing & To Fight For What Could Be If They Never Result To Quitting Because For Me My Life Goal Dreams Is What Keeps Me Living,Fighting & Going.

The Life Message I Have For My Music is To Never Give Up Because Once You Do Nothing Comes True It Just Dies Off & Doesnt Become Alive To Live.So Don’t Sit Around To Rot,But To Evolve Postively Non-Stop.Also That Life Is What We Make It So Create It Because U Might Be Able To Take It If God Says It.

In This Moment My Younger Self Will Be Very Proud Of Myself Because I Came From Darkness But Found One Of My Lights Through Music & It Kept The Torch illuminated To Follow The Right Path With My Dark Past.

The Struggles I Been Through So Many But My Main One Was Learning How To Accept My Regrets But I Learned Because I Learned To Accept Them & They Made Me Who Iam Today & Who Im Trying To Evolve To Be.Plus The Fact Being Raised By A Single Mother From A 3rd World Country In A 1st World Country Section 8 Apartment.Reasons Why I Will Forever Stay Humble Because I Come From A True Struggle Hustle Endurance Jungle.

The Question I Have For The World Is Why So Much Hate ? We All Can Eat A Plate.So Love What You Hate Because Love Kills Hate – Sama Cheez The California Dominicano JP Cheez

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