Sean Marquez: Once you believe you can, your fate is inevitable. Understand this. One’s life is no more or less successful than which they first see it as.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

 Real estate development, construction management, general contracting and property maintenance are just a few niches I deal with inside the real estate development industry. My path to where I am today has been anything but linear. From sheriff’s academy, door to door sales, personal training, railroad conductor and woodworker. My interests and passions have always evolved over time. I often to exploit my natural curiosities in life by diving headfirst into the lifestyles and realities involved with each pursuit. It wasn’t until I realized the complexities of life and understood how “the game” works. In that, I dove into construction and real estate as my vehicle for both monetary and personal growth.

2. I noticed you are in architectural/construction field creating new buildings for businesses and more what inspired you to get into that?

Everyone has their own set of gifts, traits and characteristics either born unto them or developed over their life. When an individual realizes both what their strengths are and how to utilize them, do they see their true potential. Once I uncovered how best to utilize my strengths. I then searched for an asset class/ investment vehicle to focus my time on. Construction Development peaked my interested when I understood the philosophy behind a tangible asset. Unlike stocks where one invests a digital node into a system which then increases and decreases your net worth based on macroeconomic swings. Construction and the development world, although not unaffected by volatility in the macro marketplace, is an asset which cannot be refuted, breached, or lost in a crypto-wallet susceptible to typical password amnesia. In its simplest form, construction consists of brick, lumber, metal and glass. Constructed in a manner aesthetically pleasing to both the current demographic and future preferences of the world. Being able to see your investment or project climb out of the ground and sit atop the once desolate land before it, cannot be understated. Construction is timeless yet temporary, forcing workers and teams to build for the present while planning for the future. Another unrefuted fact is that 10% of the world billionaires have derived their assets through real estate, thus totaling over 200+ billionaires worldwide. The opportunities within this asset class are many, and the barrier of entry is easier than one might think.

3. What are some goals in life you have been able to complete? 

I have set many goals, objectives and milestone markers in my life to ensure my path stays true and my timeline consistent. Even though I reach ea. stage, I often find myself not realizing a mile marker passed, until miles further down the road. Goals are great, dreams are vague. Setting a goal requires forethought, planning and then action. I often treat my goals as I would a construction project. In construction, we work backwards. First finding the preferred end date and reverse engineering “building backwards” a schedule from there. We know if we need to be at a certain point by a certain date, then we can plan on what has to happen at each stage to ensure we stay on target. With goals, there is no difference. First, set your goal and be sure you’re very specific and intentional on your desires. Once the goal is found, one will then work backwards, finding out which key stages and milestones need to be met in order to meet your time horizon. I have used this method on cars, jobs, projects, credentials, relationships and faith.

4. What is a life message you would like to share with people around the world? 

Understanding, as we discussed earlier in this word, “the game”. It is the true key to achieving everything it is you want in life. This and the cognitive ability to envision your future are the dynamic duo required to master and unveil your true potential. Just as a kid envisions winning a soccer game, a candidate on their promotion, or the financial milestone of a businessperson. Each time, the human mind must first see that Before allowing the body to follow suite. Once you believe you can, your fate is inevitable. Understand this. One’s life is no more or less successful than which they first see it as. This also rings true in how one perceives themselves and their place in the world.

5. How would you describe yourself to the world?

My understanding of my own limitations and personal strong suites has fared me well in life. Knowing where one’s strengths and weaknesses lay, is an important factor in then building a cohesive team around you. Placing high performance individuals in areas you personally suffer in, will catapult your progression and ability to achieve your personal/ professional goals. I am great in connecting with individuals, foreseeing my life before it is a reality, and pursuing tirelessly that which fulfills me. The race, journey, experience and unknown are what drives me. I often say, “I hope I never find what I’m looking for, as I wouldn’t know what to do with it once I had it.” I love the ability to pursue. To grow in the process and reinvent oneself to achieve the next great ambition. To summarize myself into simple words. I would use resilient, passionate, creative and centered.

6. What are some struggles you’ve faced in life, and how did you overcome them?

 Aside from the positive words of affirmation just noted. I often have struggled with less-than-optimal conditions and setback, as anybody would. There were a few things which have allowed me the ability to move past these moments. One being my upbringing and childhood. Coming from an Entrepreneurial background of seeing my grandfather start highly successfully companies and my mother start numerous unrelated businesses allowed me to see the possibility of creating your own lie as you see fit. This also introduced me to the stressors and angst involved in chasing your goals. At the end of the day, it’s all on you. If you don’t make the call, set the meeting, study the material and research the deal or opportunity, then you will fail. Avoidance of failure is actually quite easy since it’s the word, not the event, that dictates the title placed upon it. As one person sees failure, another sees a learning lesson. Life is full of less than desirable events happening to you. How you perceive each event will dictate how your mind and body will react. Seeing my family members work through tough times engrained a level of grit I often use to this day. My only question is this.

7. What are some questions you would like to ask other people around the world?

If the world promised you would not fail in the process, how great would you dare to dream? If you can see it, your fate is inevitable. Sean Marquez. [Fortune Favours The Bold.]

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