Jules: Do your part to make the world a better place. Treat people kindly, take care of our dying Earth, and treat yourself with kindness.

Social Media Handle (Twitter or Instagram): jvlesxox

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

My name is Jules. I live in Northern Utah, where I see more cows and horses in yards rather than kids. I graduated from high school in 2018. I currently work at my college, where I’m also studying to be a pharmacy technician. I love singing and sketching. I have a spoiled brat of a dog, with whom I share the same birthday as.

2. What are your passions in life that you are working towards?

My passion is medicine/medicinal science. I’ve loved helping people since I was little. My mom tells me stories of how I’ve always had anxiety when people were sad or upset. I didn’t like seeing people like that, so it was up to me to play therapist. I guess my need to help others stems from that. Long story short, my passion is to help others WITHIN the medical field. I’m working towards that by going to college to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician.

3. What are some goals in life you’d like to complete?

Some goals I want to achieve… I just want to be okay. I just want to be happy, financially stable, and healthy. I want to make my mom even prouder than she already is of me. My current short-term goal is to graduate college and pass my state exam. As far as my long-term goal, I want to someday own my own home and possibly attend the University of Utah in Salt Lake City to study pediatrics.

4. What is a life message you would like to share with people around the world? 

A life message I would like to share… Rain doesn’t last forever. It’s such a cliche thing to say, but it’s true. Treat people with kindness (unless they’re horrible people, then I think that’s fine lol). Just be a good person! There is so, so much hate and intolerance in our world now, and it’s truly soul-crushing. Do your part to make the world a better place. Treat people kindly, take care of our dying Earth, and treat yourself with kindness.

5. What are some traits or qualities that describe the person you are?

Traits and qualities that describe me? Ooooh. Tough. I don’t know. I would say I’m stupid, but it’s more like awkwardness. I’m still learning how to overcome social anxiety. I genuinely don’t know how to answer this one, as I truly don’t even know who I am.

6. What are some mental struggles you’ve faced in life and how did you overcome them? 

Mental health struggles I’ve overcome… Well, it’s an ongoing battle. My mental health has been my worst friend since I was 13 and the trauma has been around since I was 2. I am 21 now, and it’s still a struggle. In March 2021, I was in the hospital for a brief time as I did try to end my life. I’ve overcome some of my battles. It’s getting easier to cope with, well, just existing. I’m just in a good spot in my life where other than being broke as a joke and working part-time, I’m happy. It just took keeping busy and working hard toward my goals that got me out of that dark spot. Of course, I have good days and bad ones, but you just have to cry it out and push forward. It’s the only direction to go.

7. What are some questions you would like to ask other people around the world?–

Lastly, some questions I would like to ask other people, how do you cope with your emotions? What is a message you would like to share with the world?

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