Henna Havila: there is no wrong way to live your life, unless it’s hurting someone.

 1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

I am Henna Havila and i’m from Finland. I’m a blogger, model and influencer and soon a student again. I’m also a single parent for my 6 years old son.

2. What Inspired you to be a model/blogger and what experiences have you had with your career?

I never saw myself being a model, even tho people often said i should give it a go, since i’m tall and i would have potential to be one. 4 years ago i couldn’t even imagine that i would be doing things that i’m doing now, because back in the days i was super shy and afraid to step out from my comfort zone but now as i have grown older i have realized that you don’t get anywhere by staying in your comfort zone and not taking any risks, so when i was noticed through my social media and i started gaining followers and networking with people around the world, i got to know models, photographers and influencers and that all gave me more courage to go for it since i saw that these people are just normal people like me and i was telling myself what’s the worst thing that can happen if i try? I may fail, but it’s a journey and i will learn from it.

3. What are some goals in life, you are currently working on?

There is so many things and ideas of what i would want to do and i usually don’t tell about them until i’m actually doing it, but my ultimate goal is to just be happy and be able to move away from Finland. I want to show my son that there is so much more in life than what life here in Finland is.

4. What is a life message you would like to share with people around the world?

Do what makes you happy. For so long i was living my life how society were expecting me to and i was so unhappy, there is no wrong way to live your life, unless it’s hurting someone.

5. What are some traits or qualities that describe the person you are?

I would say that i’m very transparent on everything. I am always 100% myself and i never pretend to be something that i’m not. I treat every people in this world the same way and i think everyone is equal. I’m also honest, humble and old-fashioned.

6. What are some mental struggles you’ve faced in life and how did you overcome them?

I have been hospitalized because of anorexia and there i was diagnosed of having a demanding personality, which explains a lot. I have been struggling with an eating disorder since i was 11 years old. I was in therapy for 2,5 years and during that time for the first time in my life i did take a break from trying to make things perfect and i just focused on myself – getting healthy. For me therapy and taking time for myself were helping and that’s when i realized that i don’t have to be perfect, no one is.

7. What are some questions you would like to ask other people around the world?

Well, because i do believe that if you want something hard enough, it is possible. So i would ask what’s your excuse?

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