Michael: I would like the world to know that if I can go through very challenging times in my life and come out of it a better person, so can they.

Introduce yourself, tell a bit about who you are?

1. My name is Michael I’m a dancer singer-songwriter and student psychotherapist

What inspired you to become a dancer?

2. Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson inspire me to dance 


but being African it’s also a part of my culture

What are some goals in life you are currently working towards, right now?

3.goals in life I’d like to complete us finishing my studying and continue on my journey of self discovery and continue to share my gifts with the world 


What is a message you would like to share with people around the world?

4. The message I’d like to spread to the world is that GOD is real and the key to making the world a better place is to spread love and look after your environment, respect Mother Earth and people in it.

What are your thoughts on society today? thoughts on society today is that half of us are waking up to the higher vibration the the creator is giving us and half of us are lost in the pits of social media which can be a dark place full of comparisons, jealousy, ego, lack of compassion and body dysmorphia.

What are some mental struggles you have faced in life, and how did you overcome them?

6. The mental struggles I’ve had over the years are feelings of not fitting into this world 


Feeling like I’m not good enough in my profession and learning to control my anger, I can say I have come through the other side, and it feels amazing, I’m still learning and working on myself though, and I’d advise people to seek therapy if they struggle also as talking to someone who is a gifted listener is so good for the soul.

What are some other things that would you like to share with the world about you?

7. I would like people to know that I’m not perfect I struggle with life and deal with challenges too, but I have faith and I hold on to it tightly, I would like the world to know that if I can go through very challenging times in my life and come out of it a better person so can they.

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