Sage: “it’s not about what u do, it’s how u do it”

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

hey! my names Sage, I’m a recording artist/vocalist from Jacksonville, Florida, but I just moved to Hollywood

2. What inspired you to become a music artist and what has your experience been like? 

What inspires me with the music is my favorite artists, I really grew up on trap music and knew I loved it before i knew i was going to make any (music) at all, i started recording/engineering myself in January but even before that i would record on my iPhone when i was younger. Another thing that inspires me is real life and how crazy and unpredictable it is. like it’s Crazy! i’ve been surrounded by musicians all my life living in Jacksonville but i’ve never met as many people that were down to earth and acted like regular people, gangs pretty much run where I’m from and most of them n*ggas are pretty well known, it’s pretty ruthless

3. What are some words of wisdom you live by everyday? 

words of wisdom i live by are “it’s not about what u do, it’s how u do it” & “closed mouths don’t get fed” & “don’t believe it if it sounds too good to be true”

4. What are some struggles in life you’ve faced in life to be where you are now? 

I was HOMELESS for 2 years, and I’ve come along way since then , I used to dream about making music, but I lived in tents, park restrooms, the woods, so I had no way to record. I always remember where i came from when i think about where I’m going .

5. What are some goals in life you’d like to complete with music?

 I really want to leave a legacy. MY legacy. my goals for my music is to spread peace and positivity . it also it would be cool if i had at least 1000 songs out

and have done at least 500 sold out shows before I leave this planet

6.  What was your first track you ever made and how would you compare yourself from now to then?

 OMG I don’t even remember the first time i made a song TBH, but i know i started taking it serious in January, me now compared to back then, i would have to say the overall quality of my beats , mixing , workflow everything . like my album is exactly how i want it to sound

7. What are some upcoming projects you have coming out or that you’ve released already we can look out for?

my first single “OUTSIDE” is out on all platforms, since I moved to LA a month ago I’ve been locked in the studio recording my first album. I’m dropping it on September 15th, Follow Me On Instagram @sageflamess to show support I thank you, Jeremy, I can’t wait to do another interview in 6 months when I’m rocking sold out shows

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