Emily: Be still, be kind to your mind, and speak good things.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

My name is Emily. I’m 23 years old and will be 24 in a couple of months (very much a Libra). I enjoy sleeping, reading, and working on puzzles. Most people would describe me as an introvert, but around the right people, I come alive. 

2. What are some passions in life you are currently working? 

My biggest passion is one that I least expected — my fitness journey. Until a few years ago, I always felt that because I wasn’t “athletic” I wouldn’t enjoy any type of physical activity. Fast-forward, and I go to the gym at least four times a week. I mainly enjoy lifting and running because they force me to push myself in a way I never would’ve done outside the gym. The joy it brings me is one that I’m passionate about sharing with others, especially people like me who may not feel that the gym environment fits them. 

3. What are some goals in life you are currently completing?

I am currently in graduate school, pursuing my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. My research focuses on racism, discrimination, and stereotypes. Short term, the goal is to receive my degree while still maintaining a sense of self outside of school. Long term, the goal is to make sure underserved populations have access to mental health services. 

4. What is a positive message you’d like to share with people around the world? 

Be still, be kind to your mind, and speak good things. I live by those words. Some are even tattooed on me. They’ve gotten me through some dark times.

5. What are some qualities or traits that describe the person you are?

Took a page out of your book and asked the people I keep closest how they would describe me. This is what I got: dependable, kind, organized, patient, humble, and loyal. 

6. What are some mental struggles you’ve faced in life, and how did you overcome them? 

I’ve had periods of time when I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety. This was especially difficult during my sophomore year of college. My grandpa had been diagnosed with cancer, my boyfriend at the time was cheating, my course load was strenuous, and I was so stressed that I was physically sick all the time. It was the first time I’d had to deal with mental struggles, and I was doing it in a dorm room without the people I needed the most. “Be still” was a phrase I repeated to myself a lot during this time. It kept me centered and grounded when I felt that the word was spinning out of control. I got it tattooed on my forearm as a daily reminder that stillness is possible, even when things are feeling chaotic. 

7. What are some other things about you, you’d like to share with other people around the world?

3 fun facts: 1) my favorite food is corn and I could eat it every day, 2) I had a pet deer that I raised from a fawn to an adult, and 3) I have two dogs – Beaux and Tangeaux.

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