Star: Be aggressively kind and tell the people you hold dear that you love them.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

Hello! I go by Star and am currently a university student studying English and linguistics. I am currently 22 and know well that I have lots to learn from the people around me.

2. What is your daily inspiration that helps you get through life?

I view each person I interact with as an individual person. Everyone is different and everyone’s needs are different. Some go through hardship more than others so giving a helping hand once in a while could change a life. You never know. 

3. What are some goals in life you are currently completing?

I have been working on bettering my communication between my relationships all around. I realized that sometimes friendships and romantic relationships can turn out to harm rather than help when it comes to a lack of communication. I have learned a lot though the current friends I hold dear and the friends I’ve lost through my life.

4. What is a positive message you’d like to share with people around the world?

You grow through experience and experience is not easy to get. It’s okay to let the painful experience overcome you sometimes. You should think about the process and talk to close and trusted people that will listen to you and your concerns. Positivity comes in all shapes and forms and one of those forms are to recognize what you have with the people you grow with. 

5. What are some qualities or traits that describe the person you are?

I am how people view me as I am! I get bubbly, airhead, and even giggly as a descriptor. But I also get trustworthy, loveable, and comfortable within the same lines. I really want to be the person my friends can trust and come to. I live up to the high standards my friends have of me and want to keep improving myself to be a better person.

6. What are some mental struggles you’ve faced in life and how did you overcome them?

Death was easily a strong contender but depressed seems like my winner. Sometimes things just don’t go the way they planned and the easy way out seems like death, but the idea of death seemed too inconvenient. I’ve grown accustomed to giving it my all in all things I do. It really would be a waste to quit where I stand. I built up trust and a community of people I can be around by just being myself. To leave them before I could show my gratitude for their existence almost seemed like an injustice in my part.

7. What are some other things about you, you’d like to share with other people around the world?

Don’t change for others. Change for yourself to better yourself. Be aggressively kind and tell the people you hold dear that you love them. You only have so many hours in a day and months in a year to spend with them. Give hugs and send the world some positive vibes.

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