Charlie Brooks: Always Be Yourself, Believe In Yourself and Know Your Worth.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

Introduction: Hey, my name is Charlie Brooks. I’m from Sharon, Mississippi. I like music, art, movies, video games and my family. I am an IT Specialist for St. Andrew’s in Mississippi. I attended Canton Public Schools and graduated from Jackson State University. 

2. What is your daily inspiration that helps you get through life? 

Daily Inspiration: Family & God & Music. I feel like I’m composed of different aspects of my family lol. My mom, Kita Brooks is very eccentric, hardworking, thoughtful, witty and creative. My oldest sister Schletha Baker is a great cook, smart, and knows so much about a variety of topics. I always enjoy talks with her. My second-oldest sister Lewanekia Ratliff is hardworking, smart really caring, a goof ball and well organized, she’s always appreciated. My third-oldest sister Charlene Walker is a dope individual. She is super caring, smart, creativity is out of this world and isn’t afraid of being herself. My brother, Cartario Brooks name defines him (if you know him lol) Tario is bold, caring, smart, STRONG, super funny and cool. I admire that. I admire all my siblings lol. As well as Kamari Brooks (who wrote a short film “The Money Grab” featuring Candice Jackson, Caitlin Nelson, Phillip Washington, Kita Brooks, Palmer Williams Jr, Maximus Wright), Kaylen Brooks, MacKenzie Baker, Kamille Brooks, Kayden Brooks, Kegan Brooks, Kenley Brooks, Desmond Ratliff Jr and London Holmes-Brooks!  They are my inspiration, it’s a pleasure to know them and grow up with them and be around them. As well as my best friends: Gary Adams Jr (this guy is so wild, funny and really thoughtful/soul brother). My second family who instilled so many great qualities: Gary Adams, Sr, Janieth Wilson-Adams, Denetria Adams (Madison, Kennedy), and Alicia Adams! (Z, Greg). I always appreciate you all. Khadijah Jordan (the GOAT, one of the best individuals I’ve gotten the pleasure to know, follow her @goKhadijah, heavenly shoutout to Michele Pace & Michael Jordan), Ralph Smith Jr (funny/soul brother, great guy/creative) and My awesome girlfriend Gabriella Steele :). Also, Ricardo Baker, my mentor, another one of the great individuals who I’ve learned countless from, (Rekeria, Krew), LaVandus Walker, Desmond Ratliff Sr and TJ Matlock! Ya’ll are great people man. Very Special, Awesome Shoutout to: Charlie Lee Brooks, Sr,  Margie Brooks, Linda Washington (Uncle Milton, Calin, Chi, Kylaa, Cor’Liyah, Laia Teré), Carolyn Smith (Uncle Ralph, Schelerria, Teneshia, Trey, Destiny, Kentravious, DeBroderick), Charlie Lee Brooks, Jr (Rozalyn, Octavia (London), Fashaundria, Jaylen, Chaquon, Charlis), Roshaunda Parker (Bre Bre, Jahyea, Pooh Jack, Jeremy, Jayceon), Antonio Brooks (Maya, CJ, Caleb, Chris, Ardajha, Aubrey, AJ) and Shelvie Brooks (Jamuel, Trevon, Shelvie, Semaj, TeMario, Aaliyah). Sallie Adams, Micheal Adams (Lil Mickey, Kim, Ashley), Vincent Adams (Tonya, Aja, Ajoi, Darvin, Darriana, Ariel, Syncere), Felicia Adams (genius!) (Carmello, Kobe), LaRoderick Adams, Mua, Charlie Wilson, Aunt Pat, Mary, Jackie, Ced, Fletter, Mesha, Tiara, Jay, Sharona, CJ, Sam, Lilly, Lisa, Zach, Mike, Two, C/O 2012 of CHS! I know I left off some people but appreciate every listed & unlisted individual and want to thank them for everything honestly. I hope they all experience the best things in life with God guiding, protecting, strengthening, granting wisdom/intelligence/knowledge (applying it as well), healing and blessing them tremendously as well as others. Each of these people inspire me daily. Thank you always. I love y’all.

3. What are some goals in life you are currently completing?

Goals I’m Currently Completing: I’m trying to be a better person overall. I have personal goals, that I’m working on though related to creative hobbies lol. At work, I do my best to complete help desk tickets. Earlier this year, my cholesterol was getting high. I changed my diet, found health supplements to help, started walking more and reached out to people that could help me improve. I had a follow-up recently, and it’s way lower than before, I’m going to keep working on that and try my best to stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. 

4. What is a positive message you’d like to share with people around the world? 

Positive Message: Always Be Yourself, Believe In Yourself and Know Your Worth. (As long as you aren’t hurting others). I think being authentic is a superpower. The world has so many characters (and that’s fine). I think it’s cool to just be yourself. You definitely matter. 

5. What are some qualities or traits that describe the person you are?

Qualities/Traits to describe me: Helpful. Inquisitive. 

6. What are some mental struggles you’ve faced in life and how did you overcome them? 

Mental Struggles: Depression. I’m still figuring it out, my brain can be weird sometimes, but I’m learning that it’s okay. To others struggling: you aren’t alone. Seek help if you need to, it isn’t embarrassing. All your emotions are valid and vulnerability requires a lot of strength, it isn’t a weakness at all. No one has it all figured out and that okay as well. 

7. What are some other things about you, you’d like to share with other people around the world?

Other Things About Myself: My nickname is Doodie lol. I’m still learning about myself and the world around me. I’m an introvert and mainly keep to myself. I enjoy music daily, lol. I also like sleeping, the nighttime, the cosmos, the supernatural, helping others, technology and laughing. I like what I like, and I like giving others the space to be themselves. I’m imperfect but that’s okay.

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