Siarah Martinez: Loyalty is a big word on social media right now, and people will literally set themselves on fire trying to maintain that image

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

Hi, I’m Siarah Martinez. I am 23 years old and the youngest of 5, but sometimes I feel like the oldest, lol. For work, I am a Licensed Practical Nurse on a Behavioral Unit. I’ve been an LPN for a year and a half now and plan to further my education to become an RN and eventually a Women’s health Nurse practitioner. I am a Jersey girl born and raised, but my roots are in Salinas, PR.  Some things I like to do in my free time are spend time with my nieces and nephews, go dancing, travel and read. The book I am currently reading is Beach Read by Emily Henry. 

2. What are your passions in life that you’ve always wanted to do?

One of my passions in life is accessible, Judgment free healthcare. This is important to me because I know way too many people who do not seek out a doctor due to it being out of their budget and/ or their provider does not make them feel comfortable expressing their concerns. Another thing I’m very passionate about is being an Aunt. I take being an Aunt so seriously because I want to be the role model I needed growing up, I want them to be able to spill their guts to me and rest easy knowing they aren’t being judged, and I will never tell a soul.

3. What are some goals in life you are currently completing ?

Some goals I’m currently working on is getting back into school, so I can become a Registered Nurse. I also am working on getting into travel nursing. A long term goal of mine is becoming a women’s health NP, educating all women on the importance of our health and opening up my own clinic in NJ and eventually Puerto Rico.

4. What is a positive message you’d like to share with people around the world? 

A positive message I would like to share with the world is that it’s okay to let go. Loyalty is a big word on social media right now and people will literally set themselves on fire trying to maintain that image, but in reality you have to be loyal to yourself first! You cannot pour from an empty pot. So whatever it is, whether it’s a relationship, family members, a job, shit even a phone carrier, if they are not treating you the way you like, LET IT GO!

5. What traits or qualities describe the person you are?

Qualities that describe me as a person are selfless, empathetic, determined, and chatty.

6. What are some mental struggles you’ve faced in life and how did you overcome them? 

Mental Struggles I’m facing are depression, PTSD, and anxiety.  Every day is a challenge and some days are better than others, but a few things I do to keep myself aligned are counting to ten when I start to get overwhelmed or stimulated, writing in a private journal, and I try not to be too hard on myself. The last one is a little more difficult unfortunately, especially being a reformed people pleaser, but I try my best and that’s all I really can do.

7. How would you like to make an impact in the world if you could?

I would like to make an impact on the world by encouraging women of all ages to take control of their health and lives! As women, we often become a supporting character in our own stories, and we forget to take care of ourselves. There’s nothing I love to see more than a woman putting themselves first for once!

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