Aaliyah Davis: Please don’t be afraid to try new things, It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

  1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are) My name is Aaliyah Davis. I am a 22-year-old upcoming influencer from Illinois. As of right now my YouTube Channel “AALIYAHSWORLD” has 1,180 subscribers but soon to be 100k. Most importantly I am a mother of one. My son Rylinn Luis, who will be two August 2nd, has positively made a huge impact on my life. I love being a mom it’s so fun, Everything I do is for him.
  2. What are your passions in life that you’ve always wanted to do?

Besides being passionate about being a good mother, friend, partner, etc. I am also passionate about being a social media influencer. Which is why I started my YouTube Channel.

  1. What are some goals in life you’d like to complete?

I want to buy my mom a house and become and millionaire.

  1. What is a positive message you’d like to share with people around the world?

You have to be brave. Please don’t be afraid to try new things, It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I know the world is scary and gets crazier every day. But don’t be scared to take that step you’ve been talking about, just do it. There are so many amazing opportunities in the world that you’re missing out on because you’re afraid. Also, ignore the negativity. Feeding into the negative things people say about you does not benefit you at all. People are gonna talk regardless, so let them.

  1. If you could describe a perfect world what would it look like to you?

A perfect world is no judgmental people. Everyone is happy with themselves and happy mentally & financially. There are no homeless or poor people. Everybody can afford their basic everyday needs without having to struggle.

  1. What are some mental struggles you’ve faced in life and how did you overcome them?

I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety since I was younger. I always told myself it’s okay, life is will get better. In 2018 my depression got worse after I lost my brother. We grew up I guess you could say apart, living in different cities we barely saw each other so when he died I felt guilty of not being there and not being able to save him. Having a close relationship with his daughter’s Amiya and Amiyla makes me happy that I can be there for my nieces in the ways I couldn’t be there for my brother when he was alive. My son is another reason I am able to overcome my mental struggles. He deserves to have a happy mom so I try to make sure of that. My grandmother recently passed away last year and it was very hard for me. Rylinn being here helped me a lot.

  1. How would you like to make an impact in the world if you could?

I wish I could Donate to all the organizations that help the less fortunate kids so they are able to have new shoes, clothes, book bags, etc.

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