Hana: Be kind. Always. Because you never know what battles are other people fighting.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

Hi, my name is Hana, and I am from the Czech Republic in Europe. I am currently a 18-year-old junior at grammar school. I am trying to make a content on various social media, spreading important messages about equality and stuff like this.

2. Who or what inspires you in life everyday?

I always thought it was some thoughtful or wise person, but in reality it’s only me, myself and I. It took me long till I found this out, but once I did, life seemed kind of easier. Maybe it was because I stopped being so hard on myself for not acting the way someone told me to.

3. What are some goals in life you’d like to complete?

I would really like to travel the world, low cost. I would like to have someone by my side who’ll support me and understand me. One day I want to help people, since no one ever helped me when I was at my lowest. I really hope I won’t get there again at some point in the life because it was really dark times.

4. What is some words of wisdom that motivate you everyday? 

Be kind. Always. Because you never know what battles are other people fighting. Or maybe show others a mirror when it comes to their behavior.

5. What are your thoughts on todays world.?

In some ways, the world is so fucked up. I mean really in 21st century we can’t have legal abortions? We can’t love anybody we want without other people judging us? We can’t have another skin color without cops shooting us? That’s just so sad, and I wish I could do something to change that.

6. What are some mental struggles you’ve faced in life and how did you overcome them? 

 This I could talk about for so long, so to make it short. I was never diagnosed with mental illness or anything like that but I was always a sensitive child and person, very emotional. Two years ago, I started hating myself to the point where I was thinking about killing myself every day. I hated the way I speak, I look, even the way I act and what posts I was posting on social media. It outgrew me. It was two long years I spent almost every day in bed. My parents and siblings never really understood what I went through because I was the only one in the family who experienced this. I am in the therapy for half a year now, trying to get better. It was actually my friend who pulled me out of this, she was going through kind of the same thing at the time and told me that she planned to killing herself. That freaked me out awful, and I realized lots of things.

7. How would you like to make an impact in the world if you could?

I would candidate somewhere high on like some high position to be a leader or you know so I could change laws for LGBTQ+ community and to adjust laws to be equal for everybody. I never cared about race or sexual orientation, I just loved the person for their personality. 

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