Callum: I would like to share to the world my passion for seeing people be happy

Introduce yourself and tell a bit about who you are?

 I’m Nib or Callum, I’m 18 years old i’m in university and i’m also trying my hand at YouTube and twitch along with it as it’s a massive passion of mine

What inspires you everyday? 

Every day i’m inspired by waking up and seeing the work ethic and drive that so many people have in the world no matter how big their tasks are and i get this mindset of if they’re able to have that much drive then why can’t i

 What are some goals in life you want to achieve? 

Some goals i want to achieve is that i don’t want to live without any regrets, so whether that is trying my hand at YouTube and twitch in hopes that it’ll take off or traveling the world and having many great experiences

What is a positive message you’d like to give to people in the world?

A positive message that i’d like to give people ties into one of my tattoos which is of an arrow in which the further an arrow gets pulled back the farther it flies and so no matter how hard things are or might be once that string is released the better things will come

What is something unique about you that you would like to share with the world? 

 I would like to share to the world my passion for seeing people be happy i mainly try and do this through laughter and comedy but everything i do i try to do with the one goal of making someone feel better

What were some mental struggles you faced in life and how did you overcome it? 

the main mental struggle i’ve always dealt with is doubt whether it originated within myself or someone else instilled that doubt in my head and i found the best way to deal with it is to just not listen and if you want to do something or try something then it’s worth just doing it because if you fail then your failure will only be remembered for a tiny period of time but if you success then it could last a lifetime and that’s worth taking a risk for

What is something else you’d like to tell the world about you?

i would like to tell the world that i’m going to keep grinding and doing what i love which are the moment is YouTube and twitch and no matter what might get thrown at me i’m not going to give up the possibility of filling a dream that i’ve had for so long

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