Isaac John Adams: keep believing in yourself, the best person to trust is yourself and trust your skills and knowledge.

Introduce yourself and tell a bit about who you are?

My full name is Isaac John Adams, and I’m from Mackinaw, Illinois, a map dot town in the United States. I’m a huge sports fan and am attending college in Chicago to become an agent in the FBI while participating in track as well.

What is something that inspires you everyday in life?

 Something that inspires me in everyday life is someone: my parents. I see all the time and work they have given to me, and it makes me want to work as hard as I can to make them proud of me. They have spent a ton of time making sure I don’t have to do without things, so i want to be able to pay them back someway.

What are some goals you are looking to accomplish in life? 

I’m looking to get into the Behavioral Analysis Unit in the FBI which essentially profiles certain groups of people and helps in any way they can. I am also looking to make it to nationals this year for the hammer and weight throw in track and hopefully become an All-American or even win nationals by the time I graduate. 

What qualities describe the person you are?

Hardworking, determined, and persistent are some of the qualities that describe me. I am easy going most of the time But when I put my mind to something I ready for it.

 What were some mental struggles you faced in life and how did you overcome those struggles?

Self-doubt, wondering what would happen if I failed were a lot of mental challenges that I have faced so far. It was a struggle to overcome these but then I realized I have to me my biggest supporter and failure is a part of life so I have to keep moving forward. My favorite thing to think of is for every step forward, there will always be a few backwards.

 What is a positive message you’d like to share with people around the world? 

keep believing in yourself, the best person to trust is yourself and trust your skills and knowledge that you have to help get you through life or the difficult times that you face. 

What else would you like to tell the world about you?

I may be an average kid from a small farm town in the middle of nowhere but I promise that I’ll make a name for myself.

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