Calver Wiffen: I would like to share the importance that individuality and differences have in this world. Let’s learn to trust ourselves, and open our eyes to reality.

Introduce yourself and tell a bit about who you are?

My name is Calver Wiffen, and I am from New Zealand, born in Bermuda. I think music is the language of the world, and hold it in high regard, listening to it and writing whenever I can. 

I noticed you have a unique Instagram profile full of music, fun and adventure, what was your inspiration to make your profile look the way it does?

My intention behind creating the profile I portray is to show any who engage, that adventure can be created in all aspects of life, and acknowledging this can be a key to looking forward to even the more mundane tasks in life! Having the right music for any situation steps up my motivation, and I enjoy sharing alternate forms of music on my profile for anybody that hasn’t thrown off the shackles that general society may put on people to only listen to music that is widely deemed acceptable. Mental health is also a motive. I have struggled with mental health for a long time ongoing, as it is still not yet supportively acknowledged. I wish to show that there is space to appreciate yourself despite this, by sharing my own experiences and learning. 

What is your dream goal you’d like to accomplish in life? 

My goal is to bring change into this world, lift others up, and ultimately do everything in life as my truest self. I’d also like to release music of my own. 

 What were some mental struggles you faced in life, and how did you overcome those struggles?

My most challenging mental struggles are still dealing with Major Depressive Disorder, and ADHD, although I have come a long way through keeping an open mind and actively searching and trialing many healthy habits. More relatable mental struggles were “losing” my most treasured friend to a long trend of dishonesty. I often think that things could be different if I had more patience, and then I remind myself of everything I did, (even housing him) and expecting only friendship in return. This was a great lesson for me, as it taught me that quality relationships aren’t always those that have lasted 13 or so years. Since stepping into the unknown and forming new friendships, I have learned what a supportive friendship can be, and my mental health has been far less taxed since. 

What qualities describes the person you are?

Being able to enjoy one’s own company has proved to be the most important skill for me in recent times, allowing me to delve into a whole other selection of opportunities

What are your thoughts on the world today? 

My thoughts on the world as it is today is that it is being brought together through chaos. Whether it’ll prove beneficial or not, only time can tell. I think we each need to be strong as individuals and truly consider what is necessary to help this world thrive.

What is some other things about you that you’d like to share with people around the world?

I would like to share the importance that individuality and differences have in this world. Let’s learn to trust ourselves, and open our eyes to reality.

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