George: One message to the world is, let’s learn how to help each other.

Introduce yourself and tell a bit about who you are?

Hey, my name is George, I’m originally from Kenya, but I live in Ireland together with my mum and my siblings. 

 What inspires you everyday in life? 

There is a lot that inspire me one of them is my mum because she is not one to give up easily, she gets knocked down, but she comes up every time, The other thing my not seem reasonable to most people, but there is series The Originals, and yeah it’s all about vampires but if you look at the story line what I saw was that there were always there for each other. 

No matter what. The other one is Cristiano Ronaldo, firstly he’s a world-class player, but every time he says he would be there without his family, especially his mum, because she gave up lots of things just for him to where he is now. 

What are some goals in life you want to achieve? 

Some of the goals I hope to achieve are;

1. I want to find something I like doing and work up on it, something that will provide for me and my family. 

2.  I love children some much, have my own someday. But not now because I’m still and need to find me first.

What is a positive message you’d like to give to people in the world?

One message to the world is, let’s learn how to help each other. stay like one people, because we are the same but, the only thing that separates us is how we think. 

What were some mental struggles you faced in life and how did you overcome it? 

Us we know mental struggles are a problem in the society especially now days to us young people. Some struggles is, and I still do is fighting with my mind every day,  I really struggles with that mostly fighting me every single day and quite exhausting…. And what do to keep me from that is listening to music or I take my football and go to the park. Just to relax my mind.

What is one way you’d like to make an impact in society?

I think the only way to impact the society, it’s to bring people together, whether it’s a game of football, a marathon and mostly us young people we should get involved in thing like things meet each other shares our stories, make good friends.

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