I am the founder of The Cpb Team, a real estate investment company that specializes in using five different strategies to acquire wealth through real estate. 

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

I am a Sacramento native born & lived here, in San Francisco & Atlanta as well. I  am a creative who also happens to love finance & business. I enjoy modeling & all things design too. I am the founder of The Cpb Team, a real estate investment company that specializes in using five different strategies to acquire wealth through real estate. 

2. What inspires you everyday to do what you do?  

Me looking at my current situation & my people’s current situation drives me every day, because I genuinely believe I’m going to be wealthy one day & the ppl I love will too. Me envisioning that for us is what gives me the hustle that I have. Seeing my daughter & picturing her being a teen, an adult and wanting her to have the best possible life that I can give her so she can be able to make way better choices than I feel like I had to make is what inspires me for sure. 

3. What message would you like to give others who want to do what you’re doing? 

I would want to let ppl know that it won’t be easy & most importantly – please know what your end point looks like before starting out. This will let you know how hard you’re going to have to hustle. I feel like my hustle has to be harder than the average because of where I see myself & my families. The answer to that question is going to be different tho, which is why I feel like it’s important for ppl to start there & that’s not talked about enough I feel like.

4. Explain to people what cpb is I noticed you talk about it on your page? 

The Cpb is a company that makes money by having short term rentals, wholesaling real estate (making money being the middle man), buying & holding properties, tax deed auctioned properties & flipping homes. The twist with my brand is that I have tried but not succeeded in these strategies except for the short term rental. So as I learn, I will then teach. I’m going through it with ppl in real time & there’s something about that that I really like a lot.

5. What are some goals in life you’d like to accomplish in life?

– Become a fulfilled millionaire by 40 & change the lives of everyone around me as well as people’s lives I don’t know by giving back 

– start a successful cannabis dispensary that is also a clothing line 

– take my modeling to another level, once I reach my body goals 

– BE HAPPY – most important one 

6. What were some challenges you faced in life, and how did you overcome them? 

– the main challenge I faced in life is dealing with the consequences of my impatience. I see myself & my vision & where I want to be so clearly, that I did not hesitate to get there or at least get closer to that place by any means necessary. But, that mentality just set me back. Every step I took towards progress, I took 10 back because the choices I made to reach that 1 step have a karmic consequence. That is probably the heaviest challenge, me having to learn patience & what impatience costs you. Going through it & learning from it & most importantly CHANGING how I move because of those lessons is how I overcame that.

7. What other things would you like to tell others in the world about you?

– I want people to know that I am a heavy risk-taker, a crazy sinner & I’m sooo imperfect. But I’m goal oriented, a businesswoman and above all a mom. I want people to see any brand I’m tied to & understand that I cannot fit inside a box, that I am always going to do things with some edge to it & im going to always be risqué. That’s what makes me me, but it absolutely doesn’t make me less professional. I want people to understand that about me, so they can then understand that about themselves if they feel like they resonate with that also. I feel like a lot of people feel like they have to fit this box to get into real estate or they have to fit this box to be a business on our professional words like to be your fucking self still and if that person is someone that makes other people uncomfortable then oh fucking well still be you still be productive still have goals still crush everything that you set out to do in life but just be yourself and that’s what I want people to see and know about me is with everything I’m doing with everything I do you’re to see me and you’re going to love it or you’re going to hate it but either way I respect the fact that you’re going to know who I am though genuinely and authentically.

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