Ashley: You need to love yourself and every gosh dang flaw that comes with you. You only get one life, and you only get one body.

Introduce yourself and tell a bit about who you are?

Hello! I am Ashley, or the DogMomOfAZ haha. I am a real estate agent, dog mom, fitness guru, and many other things! Most importantly, I’m an independent woman, who thrives on success.. for myself and others! 

What inspired you to become a realtor and what has the experience been like? 

I actually worked FOR realtors for 5 years ( pre covid, yes you could work from home pre covid ) lol . Honestly, it made me NOT want to be a realtor because I saw how incapable they were of doing their own work.. But then I thought, what kind of real estate agent would I buy if I brought my knowledge to the table? I’ve owned homes, the first one at 20. And so on. I knew I could be better, so that’s what I’m doing now, and I LOVE IT. I’ve connected with SO many people in such a short period of time. I can’t wait to see the future. 

What are your goals in life you want to achieve with what you do?

I have one consistent goal, and that’s to succeed. Not just financially, but physically, mentally and emotionally as well. You can’t succeed financially in life, if you aren’t succeeding in those first 3 things anyway. So, my goal is to always stay on top of that. Find new ways to better and love myself. 

What is a positive message you’d like to give to people in the world? 


If you hate anything about yourself, you portray that on everything in your life. You need to love yourself and every gosh dang flaw that comes with you. You only get one life, and you only get one body. Take care of it. Love it. Worship it. Cherish it. In the end, you are all you got, baby. 

I noticed you do a lot of fitness too, what was your push to dive deep and motivate others yourself?

 As girls, we all want to look “skinny” and I was never in shape as a child / teen / early adult. But it wasn’t until, not going to lie, until I started meeting guys that were in shape and was like ” yo, I need to get on this level”.. so I did. I was MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY ready to do what I needed to do. And I never stopped. It feels good to feel good, why would you give that feeling up? And fortunately, that just lifts other people to do and feel the same for themselves. 

What were some mental struggles you faced in life, and how did you overcome them?

 I face a lot of mental struggles, I had traumatic brain injury at a young age. Young enough to where my brain was able to develop normally, but man. I don’t ever think you can OVERCOME your mental struggles, you learn and try to deal / cope with them. Another reason for working out, it clears your mind, focuses on something else. Then you’re done, and mental thoughts are back, right? Ah! ha, but I’ve learned to just go read positive things, literally push out all the negative people and things in my life, do something that focuses on me. channel your mental struggles back into accomplishments. 

What are some other things you’d like to tell people about you?

I personally, don’t want to tell you anything more about me. I want you to follow me, get to know me, connect with me, that way YOU DO KNOW ME. I could lie and tell you so many things, but at the end of the day, until you talk to me, you’re not going to know me.  Instagram: @dogmomofazrealtor

I promise I am a very kind, positive, loving person in short hahaha.–

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