Henry: I’d like to donate to charity in the future and hope to bring better income sources to unfortunate people

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

I’m Henry, and I’m currently a university student studying economics and finance

2. What is something or someone that inspires you everyday?

I guess money, freedom, hope, patience and small and consistent actions inspire me everyday 

3. What are some goals in life you are wanting to complete?

I want to live in a good free life with good income, hopefully moving to somewhere abroad like in Europe or America and get a family and try to have a good life without people’s judgments

4. I noticed you do a lot of traveling, what was your favorite place you visited? 

My favorite place was probably Lungern in Switzerland but also possibly the Cascade in Washington State

5. What was life like for you growing up?

I had good money and caring family, but I suffered from violence and constant judgments and close off from my family from my friends 

6. What are some struggles you went through in life and how did you overcome it?

I guess my mental health and lack of hope and racism and people’s discrimination to me some days, but I believe hardworking and small actions and planning every day and hope would help me to overcome these struggles

7. What is one way you’d like to make an impact in the world?

I’d like to donate to charity if I make lots of money in the future and hope to bring better income sources to unfortunate people

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