Jenny Ginder: Always act in love or tell people more often how you like them, but also show it.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

My name is Jenny Ginder, I am 23 years old and was born on 29.03.1999 in Germany. Last year I moved to Lisbon ( to be exact Saldanha ) because I was not happy in Germany. I am crazy with a free spirit, I have a really strong will, pretty much positive energy, love to see happy faces after helping/supporting people, photography, editing, working on myself and getting better day by day. It’s a thing which inspires myself. I also love or loved playing the piano, but only for myself. I’ll explain why I loved to: People pushed me to play, and it got less and less interesting for me. Then I became rheumatism and I let it flow. Now I know that playing the piano is a piece of mine and will ever be. I am really creative, which is why I made a training as an florist. I am really happy about the wonderful working place I’ve had. I didn’t really have to make my fingers dirty because we’ve had our gardener. ( And cleaner lady once a week )

It was like a small family in a beautiful boutique. Then I quitted on the 3rd year of training because of health reasons.

I started working since age 14 and always was attached to experiences, adventures and luxury or good food. I also love traveling, the nature and spending some time with myself. I always knew I was made for bigger things.

2. What is your most favorite part of traveling, I noticed you travel quite a bit?

The most fave part of traveling is that you can learn to get to know yourself or at least get an important and different view of life if you are doing it deliberately. I really believe that traveling makes you more wise because of the different perspectives in life. Only a few people will understand.

3.  What was your favorite place you visited?

 My fave place -> the Azores.

Portugal is my fave country so far. The weather, bright/warm or sunny open people, the nature, especially the views and cliffs here!

I didn’t know that the Azores are existing and fell in love when I was there this year. The Azores are full of vegetation and a hidden gem in my eyes. You can find hydrangea fields, black sand beaches, ananas and banana plantations, naturally hot springs, geysers, volcanic craters and rocks, waterfalls, you can go diving, wale or dolphin watching, on a long hike and much more! But you will need to rent a car because public transportation is not really given.

4. What are some words of wisdom you live by every day? 

4.1 You can not really make it without trust. Trust yourself, trust the process, the universe, in god  or whatever. Everyone is unique and should trust whatever does fit to them. This is what you have to find out by yourself.

4.2 Every answer you are looking for is in you and not somewhere else

4.3 Care about what others think is your dead

4.4 If you are unhappy spending some time alone, you are doing something wrong

5. What is a day in a life of you like?

All days of mine are unique and different because I like changes and experiences. I get bored way to fast, so I learned to do it on my way. This is why I will not tell much about it. At the moment I am working pretty much. If not physically, then mentally. I am always trying to go for longer walks ( especially the nature ). Mostly my inner time makes me awake around 8 am, I am doing often some mind work or reading life lessons or funny memes to push myself. At the end of the day, I am reflecting automatic almost everything.

6. What are some struggles you went through in life to be where you are now? 

 I’ve had pretty much pain or doubts in my life which made me grow very fast. I won’t tell everything because this would be a pretty long story. The hardest thing was my health. I’ve got 2 autoimmune diseases at a very young age and my life was/is really challenging. The good thing on is which I’ve had to learn as well: I learned much more lessons than I ever could as a healthy person. I think this is making me special and more worthy. But back to the pain. I got depressions because I often couldn’t do things I wanted to and always had to deal with pains and tiredness. I learned by myself, seeing the small things in life. I am sure everyone will get happier if they learn to live for the small moments. When you are grateful for them, you are going to attract more positive and bigger stuff than you ever will imagine. You just have to trust the process. Everyone will have a difficult time in their life. You are getting tested if you are ready to claim what you deserve. If you give up, you maybe will never gain the time back where you could be really and truly happy. If nothing works out for you. You just don’t want it. So never give up on your life.

7. What is one way you’d like to make an impact on the world if you could?

I think there are only 2 things needed in this cruel world:

7.1 Always act in love or tell people more often how you like them, but also show it. If you are giving the most powerful energy of love, it will not just come back to you. It will spread like covid! Just be your own light in the dark world.

7.2 If there would be a rule, where everyone will have to donate with 1$ per month somewhere. The world would be different. I think I don’t have to explain that 🙂

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