Drea: Just never give up on YOU, because you’re all YOU got. Your struggles don’t define you , your attitude does.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

My name is Drea in 24 living in Las Vegas Nevada. I’m a Entrepreneur. I was the first out of my moms kids to graduate high school. I was also the first of my family to go to college and obtain a degree.I’m just out here trying to live my dream and do what i love while breaking the family cycle.

2. What is something or someone inspires you everyday

My mom has always inspired me. She always will! Since i was young, I’ve watched this woman HUSTLE her heart out to make sure we had everything we needed/wanted. She worked 2 jobs and went to school full time while raising 3 children. Mann .. these women , never gave up ! she just went harder and harder every day & NEVER let us see her down. 

3. What are some goals in life you are wanting to complete?

There are a lot. I feel like you should never stop setting goals for yourself, ⁣ but💯 my most important one i want to accomplish is setting up my hair sailing within the next 5-7 years with active foot traffic. 

4. What are some words of wisdom you live by every day? 

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  If it was easy , everyone would do it.

5. What was life like growing up for you?

Life was crazy growing up , but definitely an experience. There never was a day when my brother could walk down the street peacefully, without getting stopped by the police, bc “ he fit the description”. When we were out , we always kept our head on a swivel looking out to make sure we didn’t get messed with. But other than that moms did everything she could to make sure we were straight. 

6. What are some struggles you went through in life and how did you overcome it? 

Struggles are bound to come, but the bounce back is the important part. Every time i faced a struggle, i just sit down n think is this where i want to be ? This how you want to end this ? Is this you ? Now, how can i flip this ? Find your why, the reason that you started in the first place. Go back to the young you. Is this how you want her to see you ? No , the most successful people got through the deepest struggles, but only the real ones make it out.

7. Last question what other things about you would you like to tell people in the world?

Not necessarily about me, but about yourself. Just never give up on YOU, bc you’re all YOU got. Your struggles don’t define you , your attitude does. Think positive and be positive and great things will come, time is a virtue. You can do anything you put your mind too. I’m living proof. I’m a cosmetologist, i do hair . I’m also, a singer/ songwriter & work at a tattoo shop. If u want it, you’ll get it. 

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