Southside Miko: It very wise to be thankful for what you have and depending on your belief system , to be thankful for that you wish to have.

My name is Southside Miko , I am a Popular 23 yr old Artist/Producer From Browns Summit , North Carolina I have produced for more than a handful of celebrities & my newest single “5600” has been on 23 radio stations across the US & UK and now Belgium on C Rap but its in regular rotation on 7 of those stations and so far it’s been nothing but love & positive feedback

2. What inspired you to get into the music business? 

Previously , before I was rapping and producing I was a strictly a dancer , a model , and I played instruments. I was in a dance group around the time when I first started rapping and through my dance group , I had met somebody named JC , who was a rapper at that time as well as a dancer . One day , JC and I were walking down the street to go to a friend’s house to hang out, and he wanted to show me a rap that he had written while we were walking . I agreed & I asked to hear the rap …. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately started trying to rap as soon we got to our friend’s house, which was at least three minutes down the road. It almost seemed as if as soon as I learned about rapping I was passionate about it like I had been doing it for years , which I definitely hadn’t , I didn’t even listen to rap or hip hop music back then at all . Ever since then it’s been full steam ahead to be honest.

3. What are your goals that you want to elevate with music to get to the next step? 

My first goal is to be able to get more of a steady budget going for myself and then after that focus on getting my name out there by doing such things as media runs , interviews, podcasts, & dropping content on my social media that is interesting & that keeps people’s attention. My 2nd goal would be to start traveling more & in a way repeat some of the same things like media runs , interviews , shows etc but just in other places across the US & outside it . My 3rd goal is kinda more of a producer goal but it still can apply to my music as well and that is being able to get an plaque whether it be gold , platinum or diamond etc I feel that would be a huge confidence booster for me.

4. What are some words of wisdom you live by to help? 

Each day I have to remind myself to stay thankful or be thankful in general. It very wise to be thankful for what you have and depending on your belief system , to be thankful for that you wish to have.

5. What are some struggles you faced to get to where you are now? 

The biggest struggle I have faced and still deal with to this day is doing everything I do for the most part primarily by myself . I’m an Artist (Rapper) , Producer , Music Engineer  , Photographer , I help artists and producers with Marketing strategy , I create flyers and promotions for artists/producers as well. Moral of the story is I cannot do everything by myself, *laughs* I really wish I had some management/team or something of that nature . That’s been my main problem for a while , other than that another struggle is because I do so much it can get to be kind of overwhelming sometimes . I do stick it out and do what I got gotta do but ya know , it can be a bit much a times.

6. What are your thoughts on the world and how would you like to make an impact? 

I honestly feel like the world is what you make it . No matter if  you come from nothing or if you come from something,  we all have struggles we face , things we conquer, things that make us sad , things that make us happy or that lift us up , moments when we feel we’ve succeeded, and moments when we feel we’ve failed …’s all a big process of learning . I want to make an impact on the world by teaching those that I can that anything is possible & you can attain your goals and desires if you can believe in yourself and persist long enough to see your dreams actualize.

7. What else would you like to share about yourself with the world.

I’m always trying to work & expand my network , so with that being said for  anybody who may see this , hit me up let’s work . My Instagram is @southsidemiko let’s work ! I rap , I produce , I engineer & have worked with more than a handful of verified artists/producers + a couple of record labels . I also help artists & producers jump start their careers & help build their Instagram  & Instagram following . I have tons of connects DJs , influencers , podcasts, whatever you need you name it, I can help u with it …do by all means tap in , let’s build .

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