Hali: “never let someone push you down to the point of not being able to get up”

Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

Hi, I’m Hali, I’m a cheerleader at my school and a competition dancer.

What inspires you everyday?

When i listen to music, i get these ideas in my mind to where i feel like i can do a lot of different things. so normally people can find me listening to music whenever i do anything. also learning new dances and chants for cheer also inspires me because i can learn a lot more than normally just in school.

What are some words of wisdom you live by everyday?

“never let someone push you down to the point of not being able to get up” it’s just something that i live by because sometimes there are people out there who get pride out of hurting other people. some people receive all that hate and hurt and aren’t able to get back up from it so you always have to ignore the people who try to hate on you no matter what.

What are some goals in life you would like to complete?

a couple goals would be to go to college and an athletic scholarship. then make an all star cheer gym and i would make sure that kids who couldn’t pay that much cause of how much all star costs they would still be able to attend and do everything there.

What are some struggles you faced to be where you are now?

lots of torn acls, broken bones, and depression but i’ve faced it and i’ve gotten past it very well.

What is one way you’d like to make an impact in the world?

make things affordable for people who can’t always afford things.

Last question what else would you like to tell the world about you?

just live life in the moment. it’s something i do all the time and it makes me feel more alive at times. when i don’t live in the moment i’m just sitting on the couch or my bed doing nothing but when people ask me to go out with them i go ahead and say yes because it’s fun at times to just randomly say yes to things.

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