Bearfootx: I just want the conversation to be made let each other be uncomfortable with the truth but no more lying and more vulnerability

Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

Peace my name is Bearfootx I am a artist and philosopher out of East Atlanta/ Stone Mountain, Georgia. Mainly working in the film and music fields of creativity

What inspired you to have these creative ventures in your life?

Honestly, not having the access to it at a young age. Being from the south and having a father with a military background artistic endeavors were never presented to me as a option of therapy and career. It was either hard work with your hands or sports to be successful not anything to be pissed at that was just all he knew. But doing it now I just want more men and black men even more especially to know they have an outlet of expression without violence or toxicity if you truly want to choose that path

What are some words of wisdom you live by everyday?

“You can change the world but you have to start with self.” “Every little step counts”

What are some goals in life you’d like to complete?

Own some farm land. Open my own production company’s and hopefully lastly a school for the mental and spiritually gifted

What are some struggles you faced in life and how did it mold you to be who you are now?

Growing up in the south learning to positively express yourself without judgement was tough. Whether in a southerner baptist church home, or a school system built through corruption and miseducating to find a voice was one of the biggest struggles especially as a man to be able to set boundaries, express emotions and actions out without care of judgement changes everything for me

What are your thoughts on the world today and how would you like to make an impact?

I feel like it’s to divided. Everyone wants their voice heard and their problem heard but can we reach a solution without wanting to kill one another? Can we be ok with one person lifestyle even though it doesn’t matches ours? And vice versa can you be ok with someone living a lifestyle that opposes yours? We’re all beings on one planet, so we have to coexist whether we like it or not. So knowing that I just want the conversation to be made let each other be uncomfortable with the truth but no more lying and more vulnerability

Last question what else would you like to tell people in the world about you?

I have a project dropping in the coming months called Anecdoche. With that being said my last message will be we are all deeply intelligent beings in a realm looking for answers. Part of that answer is loving self and the ones that reciprocate love to you listen with open ears and a open heart and let people show you who they are.

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