Lilrvssia: Life planted me in positions I never thought I’d have just by simply knowing I’m meant to be here to show that anyone can do anything no matter where you come from.

Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

My names Ali aka Lilrvssia, I was born in Russia and came to the US when I was a baby. Came to New York then to Chicago and here I am

I noticed in your profile you are published model, you have a podcast & I seen music too tell a-bit about that and your experiences with it all?

Yes I started modeling when I was really little I started doing gap and other brands for children than my mom took me out saying that she didn’t want to force a lifestyle on me which I wish she kept me in it because I felt like I would’ve enjoyed it more as a child as well but I started at a young age and then when I got out of high school I decided to go back into modeling I enjoy working for brands like forever 21 and so forth it’s more of a Way to create and find myself through modeling ventures trying to look pretty so I definitely enjoy the creative side. I’ve been published through a few magazines in the past few years and plan on getting back into it soon My Podcast is my baby I made that a while ago probably the starting of coronavirus I needed an outlet to talk and realized podcasts were something that I truly love and enjoyed I started getting huge with my podcast and still am my podcast is featured on iHeartRadio and advertised through iHeartRadio and 103.5 kiss FM i’ve also been on a few other radio stations growing up I’ve always just enjoyed being heard And last but not least my baby I love my music more than anything I will be dropping music coming up the end of this year of my own but I do produce a lot of music I’ve been working with a few people if you knew were regulars but I plan to really get my beads out there and my music heard xx

What are some words of wisdom that kept you growing through all of this to achieve what you did?

That everything happens for a reason. Life planted me in positions I never thought I’d have just by simply knowing I’m meant to be here to show that anyone can do anything no matter where you come from no matter how many moneys in the bank no matter how long days and nights can be at the end of the day everything happens for a reason so just because things don’t achieve the way you want it they achieve the way it’s meant to be simply by having faith. Manifesting and truly surrounding yourself with people who want you to do good. Make that bread and make everyone come up

What was your childhood experience like?

Growing up, I kinda always was the outcast. No one really liked me no one really talked to me I was the nerd and now that I’m kind of the swan in the ugly duckling yk kinda outgrew myself and over accomplished and everyone now is like oh shit she is the real thing yk

What are some of your biggest goals you want to accomplish in life?

I want to impact others with music and my personal journey

Last question, what is some other things you’d like to tell people in the world about you?

I’m not too sure just to live life, just to be yourself. Like I choose to do. Just be myself And everything else will fall into place.

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