Geraldine Bedoya Ossa: “We all have a purpose, so fight for it and find it”

Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

I’m Geraldine Bedoya Ossa, I am currently 19 years old but will turn 20 on June 17. I was originally born in Cali, Colombia and was raised by my grandma. I came to Florida, USA back in 2011 at the age of 10 years old and started to live with my mother. There were many trials tribulations between her and I which have shaped me in both good and bad aspects. During those trials and tribulations she met my now stepdad who I consider like my own real father and who has built a deep passion in me for the fitness, biohacking, holistic, and healthy lifestyle as that is something he does and implements in his everyday life. That passion I saw him implementing in him self and in me as well as my mother made me want to get very interested into fitness and pretty much hack my own biology by researching on my own things I can create from personal health care to making my own medical remedies instead of using over the counter to fix whatever health problem I have. Besides this, I became a NPC bikini competitor and recently had my first competition which I want to create into a hobby from now on as it is something that keeps me in check in the fitness world and is fun and helps me stay focused and forces me to push my self to the extreme. I decided to do this since I was an athlete my whole school life from middle school all the way to the end of my year in high school, and after I graduated I realized I had gained a lot of weight and started to have a very sedentary lifestyle which didn’t represent who I was or the principles my family had taught me. Besides this, my family owns a business called lifeforceiq in which we sell products to optimize the human biology specifically our blood vessels, oxygen delivery and muscles. I found it to be perfect to use our own products on me while getting ready for my competition and use nothing else so that people who we want to sell to see that our products do work, so I just thought what better idea than to experiment on my own body so people see it works. Besides this, my family also owns a resort in Dominica, Costa Rica which will be the first ultra wellness resort in the Americas and I found it to be necessary for me to learn about fitness and a healthy lifestyle since I will be taking part in it when it comes out in 2024. I also am studying business at FAU (Florida Atlantic University) specifically hospitality so that I can manage the resort when it comes out since it is a family business and this is a great opportunity for me.

What are some words of wisdom that motivate you daily to keep achieving the goals you have in life?

Some words of wisdom would be the following quotes which I have heard from many close relatives that went through my path of bikini bodybuilding like my mother. 

“It’s all about your mindset, your mind gets tired before your body” 

“You have everything it takes”

“We all have a purpose, so fight for it and find it”

“If you have the opportunity to do it and you don’t take it you are wasting your potential”

“Everything that happens is exactly how it’s supposed to happen, no matter how severe it is”

there’s many more but I feel like my whole life in itself is motivation for me since I was never supposed to end up where I am today due to the upbringing I had as well as parents. I had teen parents, and they did the best they could, but the way my life ended up was definitely a miracle by G-d 

and G-d has blessed me with so many blessings that me not taking advantage of them is like an insult to him (what I believe)

What is something you’ve struggled with to get to where you are now currently? 

Believing in my self as much as I love my mom and admire her for all she’s gone through and has done and changed for the better, in the past it wasn’t like that, and she was very abusive and hearing the constant name-calling from her such as stupid or idiot were things that got engraved in my child brain all the way into adulthood so trying to come out of that mindset has been extremely difficult since I always thought I was an idiot and not smart bc that’s what my mother would call me on a constant basis for years as a child As well as I had a huge language barrier because I didn’t know English, and it took me about 3 years to learn English which caused a lot of bullying in my life and for me to miss out on the most important basics of school which were 4th, 5th, and 6th grade material 

What is one way you’d like to make an impact in peoples lives?

That they have all the potential within themselves to make it happen and that as much as people might want to bring them down that is okay but they can’t let them lose themselves because you is all you have and to live in their truth no matter the circumstances or situations that life might throw at them

What would you say to others who want to be doing the same thing you’re doing now?

To trust the process even when you don’t believe in your self and to not worry about things that are not under their control. as well as have a spiritual life whatever that is for them if it’s believing in G-d or whatever other thing they put their faith in because that was something that definitely helped me stay balanced and not drive my self insane

Last question I wanna ask is what other things would you like to share with the world about you?

I have a secret talent which is singing and I love helping people from taking care of kids to the elderly or even helping out my neighbors. I like to help in any way I can even if sometimes it means putting on hold my own life. It gives me great satisfaction knowing I can help someone

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