Claudio Gonzalo: the fewer things you have, the less you have to order and the less you have to order the more happy you are.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about who you are) 

I am a composer and editor from Cachapoal Region in Chile, i am 36 years old, i live with Karina, my Partner, and 3 cats

i was a biology student for about a year, then i start studying composition for another year 

in 2008 i almost lost my life climbing a hill in New Year’s Eve, i spent 2 days without water then

in 2018 i met my current partner and now i am learning about construction and floor design

now i spend my time writing music, online classes and reading magazines and webpages

i am not an avid book reader

2. What inspires you everyday? 

in the mornings, the light that comes from the mountains before the sunrise. If I can wake up before that then it’s a great day.

the little spaces hidden inside the music theory, where there are plenty of things not written yet 

the silence and the cats that salute me when i walk late at night, when everybody have closed the day i can finally think for myself 

sometimes i find hidden radio stations in my region and they blend with the mainstream ones, very eclectic mixes come from those experiments

knowing that are kids playing outside, that these times are just some play to them, they will laugh and rise above everything

3. What are some words of wisdom you live by everyday? 

take the day as it is, the tasks of tomorrow are not yours to take. finish the day that you have

help yourself before helping others, you cannot do much if you’re not well about yourself

the fewer things you have, the less you have to order and the less you have to order the more happy you are

not every space has to be filled, sometimes a small detail can fill the room

people smile from the eyes and learn to let it go, leave the party on high note

4. What are your goals for the next 2-5 years 

to finish the projects that i have. some written stuff i have to properly polish, 

to write honest music about my mistakes in life, not everything have to be beautiful

read more books, the paper ones because you can really zone out and find things in your mind

reading a screen only makes you super focused and not aware of the hidden places in yourself     

build a small garden in a hidden place at central Chile, that would be nice

5. What are some struggles you faced in your life?

the travels between my hometown and the capital city (Santiago) , the relationships when i was not aware of my shortcomings

the bad sleep, when i didn’t sleep at all and people thought i was lazy, when you have to choose between eating or take the bus

walking miles at 5am to save some money,  not learning when people are done with you and you start feeling like a ghost to them

the misunderstandings, when everything that comes from your mouth is perceived the wrong way and  goes worse

when you have to fake a smile at work

6. What was your childhood like? 

between 1990 and 1994 was very good, i remember playing with my cousins and the big celebrations, reading and learning about everything

i remember the sounds of the radio. the new music that came every year , the colors in the city before the smog

then my parents separated in 1995 and the world became dull, only have time to school and homework

watching MTV all day, going outside to buy some groceries,  

i used to spend some time after school to read old magazines about computer and painting  in bookstores

7. What are your thoughts on the world today and how would you like to make an impact? 

Watching 3 year olds makes me think about the concept they will have, the masks and health issues. I hope they still laugh and play

the world goes very fast and social media makes our minds go faster, the virtual relationships of the last 20 years were like that, virtual.

They were very fragile, like pets. 6 months, 12 years. and then poof…  i barely remember anything and they only know some image

i used to give free hugs now i would give free space, i think we need more public space to be alone sometimes, to hear the nature

i would build places where people could sit and be quiet, all the information and news makes us over aware of the current events

8. Last question, what else would you like to tell people about you? 

well, tough question… i feel (and i think) i must apologize for my lack of words. i am very introspective

i hope they can listen the music a have on the internet because i speak truly free in my compositions

they are not good or complete compositions but they show everything i could say, is like i could speak only with notes

i would like to tell them that i’m a great listener, i need to work more on giving more space to people

sometimes space and ambient music is all that you need   


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